2019 Round-Up Of Classic Christmas Recipes to Try
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2019 Round-Up Of Classic Christmas Recipes to Try

2019 Round-Up Of Classic Christmas Recipes to Try

on 04 December 2019 in Dining & Entertainment

Celebrate the 12 days of Christmas with these 12 recipes guaranteed to make the whole family smile. From classic dishes like barbecued chicken and pavlova to culinary twists on bread and salads, this Christmas is sure to be a memorable one. 

Of course, Christmas is about keeping with tradition, but there is no harm in trying something new and spicing up traditional favourites. You never know, you may try out a new recipe one year that soon becomes a family tradition for years to come. 

Apricot-stuffed Pork Loin


Think outside the box this Christmas. While everyone else prepares to serve roast chicken and turkey, why not serve an Apricot-stuffed pork loin?

Another great thing about pork is its versatility. You can cook it the night before and serve it cold. Or, you can cook it in time for a hot Christmas lunch. 

Aussie Pavlova 


A pavlova is a dessert must this Christmas. However, with the classics, there are always different schools of thought when it comes to the cooking process. 

You can prepare it on Christmas Eve or on Christmas day, as this perfect Aussie pavlova will remain perfect either way. 

Strawberry Shortcake 


Strawberry shortcake is a great way to liven up the dessert table. 

Using strawberries in a dessert is a classic way to add a bit of Australia to the Christmas table. For those looking for the perfect dessert, there is a secret to success- using the freshest strawberries and cream. It will make all the difference. 

Pineapple and Sake Glazed Ham


Glazed ham is a Christmas staple. However, who said that the classics need to be boring? Spice up your Christmas with pineapple and sake glazed ham

As the ham needs quite a lot of work with glazing every 20 minutes, start the cooking process before guests arrive to minimise interruptions. 

The sake and spices needed to make this ham sing can be found in Mani Asian Supermarket


Oysters Tamarind Kilpatrick


Australians know that a Christmas meal is just as much about meat as it is about helpings of seafood.

A little trick for this Oysters tamarind Kilpatrick recipe is that mango chutney works just as well as Tamarind chutney. You can find mango chutney at Woolworths

Herb & Red Wine Leg of Lamb 


This recipe combines Australian’s love of lamb with our love of a good barbecue. Packed full of flavours like red wine and herbs, there is nothing ordinary about this herb and red wine leg of lamb. 

As the lamb needs to be marinated in the fridge for 1-2 hours, start preparing the lamb early so that you have ample time to prep and cook.

Fish Tacos with Summer Salsa 


Add a piece of summer to your Christmas celebrations by cooking up some fish tacos with a summer salsa

As the fish only takes about 4 minutes to cook (excluding prep time) once your guests have arrived you can start cooking this dish for prompt eating. Leaving more time in the day for presents and games!


This Christmas, break actual bread by baking an indulgent Christopsomo. In Greek, Christopsomo means bread of Christ, which ties in with the holy elements of Christmas. 



Caprese Pasta Salad

This bread can take upwards of 3 hours to cook. So, start preparing early to have it ready by lunch or dinner so that this bread can be enjoyed as it was intended- straight from the oven. 

Looking for a vibrant and delicious side to compliment your main dishes? Look no further than this recipe for Caprese pasta salad that is simply bursting with flavour. 

This side should be prepared on Christmas day before lunch or dinner to truly enjoy the fresh elements of this dish. 


Barbecued Seafood Platter

This barbecued seafood platter is an irresistible classic, combining Australian’s love of seafood and barbecued foods. 

You will want to cook this on Christmas day so that everyone can enjoy the freshness and flavour. 

A little tip – don’t forget to finish this recipe off with some crusty bread from Bakers Delight


Barbecued Chicken with Peach and Feta Salad

This recipe for barbecued chicken with peach and feta salad jazzes up the traditional roast chicken served at Christmas. 

The key to this recipe? Fresh is best. Use fresh peaches for the salad in order to achieve the best flavour combination possible. 


Zucchini Noodle Salad 

With this recipe for zucchini noodle salad, ace the main and side dishes for your Christmas meal this year. 

While zucchini and noodles aren’t Christmas traditions, great tasting salads are. Just remember to leave enough prep time so that this dish can be served immediately with lunch or dinner. 


Fresh Food Shopping with Marketplace Gungahlin 

The key to a fantastic Christmas meal, be it lunch or dinner, is picking a recipe, planning ahead and shopping for the freshest ingredients. Once you have a plan in place and the best ingredients possible, the sky's the limit. 

With these 12 classic Christmas recipes, you can be sure to cater to everyone’s tastes, from the salad lovers in your family right down to those who can’t get enough of meat and seafood.