A Taste of Marketplace Gungahlin: Part Two
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A Taste of Marketplace Gungahlin: Part Two

A Taste of Marketplace Gungahlin: Part Two

on 01 June 2021 in Dining & Entertainment

Have you visited Marketplace Gungahlin to make the most of their special offers yet? Well, what are you waiting for? Hop to it!

If you missed part one of our Taste of Gungahlin Dining Guide, check it out, pick up your Let’s Dine pass from Marketplace and get your stretchy pants on so you’re ready for another food adventure.


Hola amigos and amigas! If you want a taste of Mexico in Canberra, Guzman y Gomez is one of our go-to casual-dining restaurants. Specialising in Mexican cuisine they have a selection of burritos, nachos, tacos, quesadillas
and other Mexican-inspired delights on their menu.

If you’re like us, you’ll have a hard time decide what to order from GYG because we enjoy it all. But you can’t go wrong with a slow-cooked beef burrito (choose a mini one if you’re not super hungry), or an enchilada topped with cheese, salsa and guacamole. Their Calli burrito is a good option if you can’t get enough chips in your life because the rice is swapped out for chips. It’s like a Mexican gyro – yum! The corn chips with queso and guacamole are moreish and make the perfect snack. If you’re feeling naughty, order the queso fries. Fried seasoned potato chips topped with cheese sauce? Enough said.

Tacos are the best but they can be a pain to eat so we always order hard tacos for the crunchiness but then we ask the friendly staff to wrap a soft tortilla around it. It acts as a blanket and holds in all the good stuff so nothing
falls out when you’re eating it. Winning!

Now what about the quesadilla? This delicious toasted tortilla filled with melted cheese and yummy ingredients is like a Mexican toastie.

Order one for GYG and you’ll get a free upgrade to the quesadilla plus when you claim the offer.

GYG Gungahlin is open from 10:30am until 9pm Saturday to Thursday and 10:30am until 10pm on Friday.

The Tongdak

As if you need an excuse to eat what we think is the best kind of KFC – Korean Fried Chicken! But if you do, visit The Tongdak, a popular Korean restaurant in Gungahlin and order any standard size chicken to receive a free
drink to wash it down. The sweet chilli chicken never fails to impress us with the perfect combination of a sticky sweet and spicy sauce that coats the crispy fried pieces of deliciousness.

We can’t get enough Korean food, especially kimchi, a fermented vegetable dish that’s extremely popular in Korea. We would eat Korean fried chicken every day if it didn’t impact our waistline or our cholesterol. Japchae or bulgogi are always on the table to share when we’re eating at a Korean restaurant and if you’re dining along a bibimbap is always a good option.

The set menus are really popular at The Tongdak because they include Korean fried chicken and your choice of other meals from their menu. So it’s a good way to try a variety of dishes.

They also have a $15 lunch special that’s available every day. The Tongdak is open from 11:30am until 9pm every day.

Bento Tei

A bento box (a single portion meal consisting of a main dish and some sides) is the perfect option when you’re craving variety and you can’t decide on one dish. I’ve eaten many bento boxes in Japan and I think it’s such a fun meal to eat.

Bento Tei serves up a tasty variety of bento boxes featuring Japanese bites like chicken karaage, panko prawns, teriyaki chicken, tempura vegetables, chicken katsu and Japanese potato salad. Their most popular bento is the
Signature Bento and the Toriniku Sansyoku Bento. The Kodomo Bento features a super cute rice bear and it would be the perfect option for the little ones.

If you don’t feel like a bento box you can chose form one of the many other dishes like a Japanese curry or the many Donburi (rice bowl) dishes. You can also snack on dishes like the the takoyaki balls (octopus balls) or the veggie korokke, a Japanese style vegetable croquette if you don’t want a full meal. I’ll be returning the try the giant Japanese spicy chicken schnitzel, because fried chicken is life. They also have cute Japanese décor and artwork in their restaurant so it’s work a visit just to see the space.

Purchase any signature bento for a free daifuki. Their daifuku are light and are filled with flavours like strawberry and matcha. It’s the perfect treat to enjoy after your bento box.

Ali Kebabs

Who doesn’t love a kebab? Deliciously seasoned meat or falafel, fresh salad, perfectly seasoned creamy hummus, a little garlic sauce and a drizzle of chilli sauce to warm you up, all rolled up in a warm, fresh flatbread. Yum!

If you’re after a pide, they tell me the chicken, beef and tandoori ones are the most popular. But if you want to ditch the bread you can order the kebowl. It’s basically everything in a kebab minus the flatbread. It’s also a great option if you’re looking for gluten-free alternatives but they also have a gluten free kebab if you want your flatbread fix. No judgement here – give us all the flatbread!

Here’s a hot tip: You can pick up a regular beef kebab for $7 on Monday and Tuesdays at Ali Kebabs and if you’re craving extra carbs, you can add some chips to any purchase for an additional $1. Their special seasoning is extremely tasty so treat yourself and ask for extra.

Claim the Marketplace offer at Ali Kebabs and pick up a small beef kebab a can of drink and chips for only $10.

Oliver Brown

Ok dessert lovers puts hand up this one if for you! You’ve been patiently waiting and I’m pleased to tell you where to go to get your sugar fix.

Craving waffles with vanilla ice cream and warm Belgium chocolate? They’ve got it. Yearning for freshly baked churros with bowls of warm dipping chocolate and fresh strawberries? They’ll make it for you. Fantasizing about
sweet, smooth chocolate fondue? Well your sweet dreams will come true with a visit to Oliver Brown. They have a range of waffles, crepes, fondue and sundae options and if you’re up for it, you can wash it down with a cup of their
velvety hot chocolate that’s made with real Belgium chocolate. Go wild and add a lashing of whipped cream on top! If it helps, I’ve heard that calories don’t count on weekends.

They also have a selection of other hot and cold beverages as well as a delicious display of tasty cakes in their cabinet.

Use the offer and you’ll get 10% off coffee and cake. You can thanks us later!

Visit the Centre and and pick up one of their Let’s Dine passes from participating retailers or outside Woolworths so you can start visiting the participating retailers and claim the offers ASAP. Did you miss part one of our Taste of Gungahlin guide? Check it out here.

Article by Eat Canberra.

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