Best Ways to Get Clear Skin Fast
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Best Ways to Get Clear Skin Fast

Best Ways to Get Clear Skin Fast

on 06 November 2015 in General News

Follow these five tried-and-tested tips for clear, glowing skin you can be proud of:

1. Wash your face every morning and night
Consistent routines are key to maintaining a good complexion for the long term. Removing make-up and washing your face before going to sleep will greatly reduce the risk of acne breakouts during the night, using a gentle cleanser to avoid irritation. Rough cloths, make-up removal wipes and scrubbing too hard can damage the skin and cause blemishes.

2. Don't pop your pimples!
It may be tempting, but popping zits usually only makes the problem worse, leading to more acne as well as infections, itching and inflammation. Sulphur treatments gently applied to acne areas can reduce swelling, and acne creams such as benzoyl peroxide should not be used more than once per day as they can cause dryness and irritation.

3. Moisturise
Moisturising every time you wash your face will prevent excess oil from being produced and help your skin to stay smooth after applying acne treatments or sunscreen. When choosing a moisturiser, you should make sure the product is suitable for your skin type, such as oil-free moisturisers for oily skin and formulas containing tea tree oil and other acne-fighting ingredients for pimple areas.

You can help your body to retain more moisture and flush out more toxins by drinking six to eight glasses of water a day.

4. Exfoliate
Dig out the grime with exfoliating body scrub and clay face masks, or make your own DIY exfoliating mask using strawberries and plain yoghurt followed by toner and moisturiser. The shower is the best place to exfoliate, as the steam helps to open up your pores.

5. Get your beauty sleep
You'd be surprised at the difference a good night's sleep makes to your skin and overall health, as sleep deprivation from less than 7 hours a night can lead to bad skin and stress. Changing your pillowcase at least once a week and pulling back your hair with bands or braids will keep your face free from dirt, oil and irritation while you sleep.

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