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Shop, dine and play at Marketplace

Shop, dine and play at Marketplace

on 17 November 2023 in General News

Written by Amy Morrison, aka @loveamymorrison

Hey there, team; it’s your bestie Amy here. Today, I’ve got a little secret to share with you: If you’re like me and are always on the lookout for the perfect spot to multi-task, then look no further than Marketplace Gungahlin. 

Now more than ever before, this place has got it all: fantastic shops, more than a few fab dining options, and heaps to keep the kids entertained, which means that shopping time no longer equals meltdown time.

Marketplace has such an amazing mix of boutiques, well-known brands, and unique local stores that there really is something for everyone here.

From Ally to Ozmosis, I can’t resist browsing through the racks. As a former retail-girl, I’m always stoked to see a well-planned store and friendly staff who greet me with a smile. I’m not sure my husband appreciates this hobby of mine, but… forgiveness is better than permission, am I right?

Shopping isn’t just about clothes for me, though, right? There are so many other shops to check out. One of Avery’s favourites is Homebase, which always has something that she “simply cannot live without Mummmmmmm”. Today, it was all about the novelty socks, which I thought she was looking at for Dad’s Christmas present. Silly me. They were for her. I should have known!

Now, let’s talk about dining because all that shopping sure works up an appetite. 

Marketplace has a food scene that’s nothing short of amazing. When it comes to grabbing a quick bite, I can’t resist the croissants and cold brew from Espresso Room and, of course, a sausage roll from Dobinsons. They’re kind of like a bit of a Canberra tradition, as far as I’m concerned. The people who organise the morning tea celebrations at work would have to agree too, it would seem. There are always a few on the table!

Next up, let’s talk about the playful side of Marketplace. After all, when the kids are happy, I’m happy. If you’ve got little ones, head upstairs and check out the new playground opposite Elite Organics. It looks like a heap of fun. The great news is, there’s coffee and sushi located on either side of the kid’s zone, so you can take 5 while the kiddies burn off some energy and you restore yours.

Finally, let’s not forget the regular events that Marketplace hosts. From live music to festive celebrations, there’s always something happening. I love how they really bring the community in and make you feel like they really care for you and the family. Personally, I can’t wait to bring the girls in to make snow globes and lolly wreaths soon!

In a nutshell, Marketplace isn’t just a shopping centre for me – it’s a destination where I can shop to my heart’s content, indulge in some me-time with a coffee, and watch the kids let loose with some playful fun. The variety it offers, from the latest fashion to diverse cuisines and entertainment, makes it the ultimate spot for a day well spent. So, if you’re in the mood for a fun day out, come and visit Marketplace soon – your one-stop shop for shopping, dining, and playing.

Amy x