10 Ways to Make A Unique Easter Egg Hunt for Your Kids
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10 Ways to Make A Unique Easter Egg Hunt for Your Kids

10 Ways to Make A Unique Easter Egg Hunt for Your Kids

on 01 March 2018 in Home & Lifestyle

Nothing quite delights kids over the easter break like a fun easter egg hunt, but keeping the kids on their toes (and off their devices) can be a challenge. That’s why we’ve put together these unique Easter hunt ideas to delight kids (and parents) of all ages.

1. Following in the Easter Bunny’s hop-steps

What better way is there to design an easter egg hunt then by leaving a trail from the Easter Bunny. On Easter morning your kids will wake up to personalised messages from the Easter Bunny, encouraging them to follow the trail she has left to find the easter eggs. Here’s how to get it done.
Hide eggs along a route around the house and backyards.

  • Leave clues (a bit of ‘bunny fur’ cotton wool, bright coloured cloth, coloured paper notes) in easy to find places.
  • Write a letter from the ‘Easter Bunny’ for your kids and leave it under their pillow or somewhere easy to find.

2. For the little ones – an Easter egg garden

Using these instructions from Make and Takes, you can create an Easter egg garden that’s perfect for younger children who might not be ready for a full blown hunt. Surprise them on Easter morning with a backyard or garden ripe with easter eggs that have ‘grown’ from the ground. Fun, delightful and pretty easy to whip up in an afternoon.

3. Learn and play with a Letter Hunt

The bright colours and excitement of an Easter egg hunt is the perfect time to help your kids engage with language and learn a little while they hunt. Paint each egg you hide with a letter that when put together spells out a secret message. Once they spell out the message, they get a delicious prize.

4. Easter Scavenger Hunt

For kids a little older and groups of kids a Scavenger Hunt is the perfect way to offer a little more challenge over the Easter break. Instead of just finding Easter eggs, kids will be tasked with a checklist of items they have to find. Perhaps specific coloured eggs, easter bunnies, toys or other items.
Scavenger Hunts also stop the fastest kids from grabbing up all the best treats, as they can only take with them what the need for the list.

5. Mix it up with easter egg poppers

If you want to avoid a purely chocolate affair, Easter egg poppers are a great way to ensure you kids get different sorts of treats during their hunt. These easy DIY instructions show you how you make a popper tree, but you can easily take the poppers and hide them like a normal hunt.

6. Glow in the dark hunt

Cap off Easter day with an early evening glow in the dark easter egg hunt. Use these instructions to create your own glow in the dark Easter eggs and create a night time hunt they’ll remember forever.

7. Put one of the kids in charge

Got an eldest who loves to pull a fast one over their siblings, or even over their parents? Why not put them in charge of hiding the Easter eggs. This fun role reversal will engage your child who gets to hide the eggs around the home while you and the other kids have to look for them. And to offer a further challenge, put a time limit on the hunt, so the child that did the hiding gets to keep any eggs that aren’t found.

8. Active Fortune Eggs

Keep your kids active during the Easter egg hunt by hiding ‘fortune cookie’ style messages in the eggs that challenge them to do fun activities, think:

  • Hop around like a bunny
  • Flap your arms like a chicken
  • Moo like a cow

It’s a fun element that can be added to many other easter hunt games to give just a little bit extra entertainment to the little kids.

9. Create an easter puzzle

Using plastic eggs, hide pieces of a jigsaw puzzle in each one so the kids have to find them all and work together to put the puzzle together. You can use a regular jigsaw puzzle, or for added fun, create your own that turns into a secret map showing the location of the sweets. For a real fun time that teaches kids to work together and share in the rewards, you can find the instructions here.

10. Grab your supplies from Marketplace Gungahlin

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