Creating the Perfect Bouquet
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Creating the Perfect Bouquet

Creating the Perfect Bouquet

on 24 July 2019 in Home & Lifestyle

The lovely team at Poetry in Flowers have put together a simple guide on how to make the perfect floral arrangements at home. Follow their simple advice to create a dazzling, magazine-worthy display of blooms!

Foliage and Branches

Take advantage of Canberra’s fabulous open spaces and take the kids foraging. You will be surprised at some of the great things you can find in your own backyard and neighborhood. Small branches and twigs can add some texture and height to your bunch while foliage from your garden will add some lushness to your design. Pairing greenery with small and larger flowers helps create texture and balance, so feel free to bring in your foraging finds to Poetry in Flowers and their staff can help you pick some blooms to go along with your greenery.

Budget and Blooms

Flowers are seasonal and so are their prices. Although Poetry in Flowers do import some flowers, most of their blooms are sourced from local and Australia wide farms. This means if the variety of flower is just coming into season or finishing up the prices are bound to be higher because it’s harder for the farms to keep up with supply and demand. Keep an eye out for flowers that are in the peak of their season—not only will you pay less, these flowers will last longer too! You can see a full list of flower availability each month on the Poetry in Flowers blog.

Maximising Flower Life

  • Always use a clean vase.
  • Use fresh, clean, cold tap water with a flower food sachet. The flower food will help keep the water cleaner and adds nutrients for the flowers.
  • Cut off any leaves that will be submerged under the water.

Step by Step 

1. Prepare your items by removing lower leaves from flower and foliage stems.

2. Start with the twigs and arrange the greenery stems around them, alternate different types of foliage as you go.

3. Add your blooms. Start by placing the smaller headed flowers or flowers where the blooms travel down the stems like roses or delphinium, towards the top and larger headed flowers like gerberas towards the base of the bunch.

4. Tie your bunch off with some twine.

5. Cut the stems so the bottom of the bunch sits parallel with the top of the vase.

6. Add your flower food sachet to the vase and fill half way with water.