How to stay hydrated these holidays!
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How to stay hydrated these holidays!

How to stay hydrated these holidays!

on 02 January 2019 in Home & Lifestyle

Brunch Bevvies

If you’re squeezing in as many catch-ups as possible, a brunch is a lovely way to add in an extra feast. Whatever you’re serving, a couple jugs of healthy fruit smoothies will brighten up your table. All you need is some seasonal fruit – mangoes and bananas are a hit at our place – whizzed up with coconut milk and you’re in business! Pour into a glass jug and decorate with some mint leaves or chopped fruit. And at this time of year, no one will judge you if you want to add a few drops of ‘Christmas spirit’ – *taps nose*.


Local Brews
Beer drinkers don’t ever seem to get sick of beer, do they? But to keep things interesting, try some locally produced brands and impress out-of-town guests with what the Capital has to offer. In Canberra we now have several great craft breweries producing top notch ales. Hot tips from dedicated researcher (aka, my husband) are Capital Brewery’s Rock Hopper IPA, Pact Beer Co’s Mount Tennent Pale Ale and Bentspoke’s Barley Griffin. All available in what has somehow become uber fashionable again – the can!


Sweet Bubbles
Bubbles, bubbles everywhere… but what’s for dessert? A glass of sparkling white or prosecco on its own is a fabulous way to get the party started. When it comes time to call last drinks, try a scoop of fruity gelato or sorbet in the bottom of the glass and a splash of champers on top. The reaction creates a fruity fizz that looks ultra-cute and, with a spoon, doubles as an after dinner treat. Sprinkle with some freeze dried raspberries to get extra fancy. Like most great things in life, we can thank Nigella for this idea.


Pretty Hydrated
Hot days mean we all need a little extra H2O. Sure, you can put out a few jugs and be done with it. Or, for that extra touch that let’s your guests know you really do read those food magazines on the coffee table, chuck a few fresh ingredients in! Thinly sliced cucumber, lemon and lime imbue the water with a little bit of flavour while looking ridiculously classy. If you’re really clever, freeze some ice cubes with edible flowers or mint and throw those in too. Look out Gourmet Traveller!


Kiddy Kitsch
Little visitors can often feel left out when the adult drinks are all top shelf and they’re left with a drink bottle. Provided mums and dads don’t mind, a pink fire engine – lemonade and red cordial – served with a little umbrella and some pink sanding sugar on the rim is definitely going to win hearts. Or an old fashioned spider with colourful soft drink, a scoop of ice cream and some sprinkles might just leave the nostalgic adults asking for one too. Just pack up your valuables for the inevitable sugar high that follows!

While you’re out there partying and enjoying a cocktail, please, drink responsibly and make sure you have a safe way of getting home.