10 Christmas Activities to Entertain the Kids This Festive Season
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10 Christmas Activities to Entertain the Kids This Festive Season

10 Christmas Activities to Entertain the Kids This Festive Season

on 12 December 2022 in General News

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year! Apart from the arrival of Santa Claus, families both young and old can look forward to spending time together and engaging in some seasonal activities. 

While the festive season can be filled with love, laughter and joy, this can be an expensive time of year. With this in mind, rather than breaking the budget trying to keep the kids entertained, think outside the box this Christmas.

By taking advantage of new and fun Christmas activity ideas, you can keep the whole family happy this silly season. Whether it’s daytime or the stars are out in the sky, there are plenty of fun ways to keep the kids entertained this Christmas. 

Things to do this Christmas season

During the school holidays, kids can quite easily become bored and restless. As Christmas is one of the best times of the year, lean into the festive season and use it as inspiration to keep kids feeling engaged and having fun.

When it comes to activity planning, use everyday tasks and infuse them with a festive twist. Then, when it’s time to get out of the house for a little while, head to Marketplace Gungahlin and take advantage of an array of different festive activity offerings.

1. Santa’s Parade 

Start the festive season off the right way and bring the family down to Marketplace Gungahlin to witness the Santa Parade. This centre wide parade is taking place on:

  • 26th of November from 10am 

Symbolising the start of the Christmas period, stand back and watch as Santa, his reindeers and trusty elves bring festive magic to life. Complete with seasonal music, the parade is sure to be a dose of fun. 

2. Photos with Santa 

No Christmas celebration is complete without a photo with Santa. Bring your own device or be guided by the helpful elves of the Marketplace to snap a free photo. All of which provide a memory that will last a lifetime.

To have your moment with Santa, bookings are essential. Sessions will be held on:

  • Saturday the 10th
  • Saturday the 17th of December
  • Thursday the 22nd to Saturday the 23rd of December. 

3. Christmas Workshops 

To indulge in the true spirit of Christmas, why not book your kids into a FREE Christmas Workshop hosted right outside Big W’s Marketplace Gungahlin location? Sessions include:

  •  Snow Globes – 28th November to the 2nd December 
  • DIY Santa Sack – 5th December till the 9th December
  • Adopt a Christmas Pet sessions – 12th December to the 16th December 
  • Reindeer Snack Jar workshops – 19th December till the 21st December. 

Best of all, to ensure your kids don’t miss a beat this Christmas there are three session times: 11 AM, 12 PM and 1 PM. 

4. Santa’s Breakfast

On Saturday the 10th and Saturday the 17th of December, why not have breakfast with Santa? While he’s a tireless worker making sure that kids all over the land are treated to a very Merry Christmas, Santa still needs to eat!

Packed with Christmas activities and of course, breakfast treats, attending a Santa Breakfast is a great way to start the day. For those interested in some personal time with Santa, sessions run from 11 AM till 11:45 AM. 

5. Roaming Entertainment

One of the great things about Marketplace’s Christmas offerings is that there is always something happening to get you into the Christmas spirit. Think of Santa roaming the halls of the shopping centre, along with Santa’s helpers. 

Set against the backdrop of festive music and beautiful decorations, there is a slice of Christmas magic around every corner that can be enjoyed by kids and the young at heart. Plus, for those on the nice list this year, there may just be a free goodie with your name on it.

6. Christmas Crafts

When it comes to keeping the hands and minds busy, Christmas crafts is such an immersive activity for kids and parents to enjoy. Supplies from around the house can be used to create DIY wonders, or, a quick trip to Big W to pick up some scissors and coloured paper may be in order!

There is seemingly endless inspiration for DIY Christmas creations. Reindeers can be born from toilet paper holders or paddle pop sticks. Pipe cleaners can be turned into candy canes that hang from the tree. Something as simple as a peg can double as a snowman! Think outside the box and hours of fun can be had. 

7. Build a Gingerbread House 

Nothing says Christmas quite like a gingerbread house. When baked and decorated on your own, this can feel like an overwhelming house. So, this year, get the family involved. The adults can be involved with baking this wonderful creation and the kids can decorate their own portion of the house with yummy treats acquired from a quick trip to Woolworths

8. Hold a Christmas Movie Night

While the day can be filled with endless activities, it’s important to get some rest at night. For a relatively low key Christmas activity, look no further than a Christmas movie night. You can watch the classics or new favourites, all while enjoying quality time as a family. 

9. Visit a Christmas Lights Show

There is nothing better than walking down the street and seeing how different houses are marking the occasion of Christmas. As a family, take a walk around the block or go driving around your neighbourhood to witness the magic of the festive season

10. Decorate the Home

It never truly feels like Christmas until the tree is set up, tinsel is placed on the staircase and decorations fill the tables and mantelpieces. With this in mind, make a day long activity out of setting up the house for Christmas, stopping for hot cocoa breaks of course!

Feeling the festive magic this Christmas

With the advent of Christmas so many things change. Kids finish school for the year, family members come into town and friends want to gather to celebrate. Rather than feeling overwhelmed by the season, lean into the festive spirit.

Whether decorating the home, watching a Christmas movie or engaging in some DIY crafts, there are plenty of activities that keep the kids occupied and help the house transform into a winter wonderland. 

Visit Marketplace Gungahlin for the ultimate kids' Christmas entertainment or to pop in and grab all the essentials you need for gift-giving and meal preparation. Marketplace is truly your one stop shop this festive season.