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Just Cuts Special Offers

Just Cuts Special Offers

on 01 August 2017 in General News

All you have to do is visit any participating Just Cuts salon and simply have a Style Cut or purchase a JUSTICE Professional haircare product to go in the draw to win. 

The Promotion starts 9.00am on Monday 31 July until midnight on Friday 8 September 2017

Click here for more and full terms and conditions.

Don’t miss out also at Just Cuts from 1st August to 8th September 2017



Other services:


Why not include a shampoo with relaxing scalp massage with your next Style Cuts™ cut? Freshly shampooed hair, free of excess styling products, will help ensure you get the best cut, every time. 


This is an express service designed to remove excess moisture from the hair, unique to Just Cuts™. It takes just three to four minutes and includes the use of complimentary styling products. 


Revitalise hair that is damaged and lacking vitality and shine with our Renew Professional Treatment Service. Including a relaxing shampoo and treatment mask service, your hair will be left shiny and strong for just $12 with your next Style Cuts™ cut. And it only takes four minutes! 


When you're going somewhere special or in need of a lift, why not treat yourself to the full experience? Our blow waves include a complimentary shampoo with relaxing scalp massage, and start from just $25 depending on the length and texture of your hair. 


We’re also happy to use a hair straightener on your hair to finish off your look for an additional charge. Chat with your Stylist for more information.

Some handy hints to do before Getting A Haircut!

A haircut maintains the hair growth and prevents hair fall. A haircut prevents the hair from split-ends and enhances immediate hair growth. Having a haircut also adds style to your look and defines your face shape and cuttings. Lets see things to do before getting a haircut even if its an experimental or normal cut.
Check out the length of the haircut you want. Is it short or long. For eg, if you don't like small hair which you can't tie to a pony tail then don't opt for shoulder length haircut. Similarly having long hair might be troublesome in maintenance so go for short length. It purely depends on your preference and ability to maintain.

Check your face cutting and see if the hairstyle you want will suit on your face or not. Get an idea of what haircut you want. Consult your hair stylist if you are having a doubt on the hair style which will suit you the best.

Don't blindly go after celebrities hair styles. Many times, haircuts look best on actors but not good in reality. Opt for a hair style which bests suits your personality.

If you have permanent hair-dresser then you can rely on him/her otherwise get all details about the parlour before going there.

Wash your hair an hour before getting a haircut. You can even wash a day before but its best to wash few hours before going to the parlour.

Wear a top which has a contrasting colour to get the best view of the hair. To see the length, edges and style, a contrasting coloured top or shirt will be the best option. So, best wear a white or light coloured top to get the clear view.

Before getting a haircut, take a friend with you who can give the best suggestion. People get confused after getting various options in the hairstyle so a friend will give the best suggestion.