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on 26 July 2017 in General News

Kumru ​ – The Best Grilled Sandwich in the World


Come see us located at Marketplace Gungahlin off Gungahlin Place or please call for more information at (02) 6255 7545 

  • Kumru is a Turkish sandwich on a bun, typically with cheese, tomato, and sausage. 
  • The name of this street food translates as 'collared dove', and derives from the shape of the sandwich.
  • The original kumru was ring-shaped and covered with sesame seeds.
  • The present one appeared in the mid-20th century, and soon became very popular.
  • The secret of its popularity is in its tasty and soft bread, specially produced by some local bakeries and restaurants with added chickpea sourdough.
  • Proper kumru bread is nearly impossible to find outside of Turkey. As a substitute, modify our four-hour baguette into a proto-kumru loaf by shaping the dough into four loaves with sharp tapered ends, running a long slash down the middle instead of on the diagonal, and blitzing the top with sesame seeds. 
  • As for the cheese, we recommend sheep milk kasseri over cow for its richer and more pungent flavour. If you can't find kasseri, provolone or Gruyere make worthy substitutions.