8 Beauty Tips for Summer-Ready Skin
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8 Beauty Tips for Summer-Ready Skin

8 Beauty Tips for Summer-Ready Skin

on 26 November 2019 in Health & Beauty

There is something about summer that makes everyone want to feel their best. Whether it is the warm weather lifting moods or the sudden knowledge that you’re going to have to bare some skin, it’s always important to be summer ready. Adding in new beauty regimes for summer may seem time consuming, but in reality these tips are simple additions that will have you looking and feeling great.

Just as one would change clothes with the seasons, you should also consider making a few swaps to your beauty products. This will ensure that your skin glows in summer and your T-Zone remains oil free. 

1. Cleanse

With the shining sun of summer comes humidity. While humidity is uncomfortable to try and function in, it is also hard on skin. Sticky humidity can leave your face feeling and looking greasy. By cleansing the skin morning and night, you can reduce this. 

Cleansing helps sweep away dirt, oils and impurities from the surface of the skin, leaving you with a fresh looking and feeling face. Cleansing doesn’t have to be a hard task, especially with products like Micellar Water

2. Exfoliate

Exfoliating comes with a range of benefits such as helping to make skin look brighter. However, the main reason to exfoliate during summer is that it prevents sun screen from clogging pores, which leads to blemishes. 

Once those summer months hit, everyone wants to look and feel fresh and exfoliating goes a long way towards achieving this look. This beauty tip removes dead skin that can dull complexion, working to make the skin look brighter. Another tip to remember is exfoliating gives your moisturiser the room to work effectively

3. Moisturise 

Skin is more receptive to moisturiser once it has been exfoliated. This is due to the fact that once dead skin is removed, the moisturiser can actually work on your skin. Using moisturiser gives skin a natural softness, which is great in the summer because skin needs all the hydration it can get. 

Freshly moisturised skin has a healthy sheen which can even out any existing blemishes. The most important time to moisturise is after a bath as the hot water strips moisture and oil from the skin, leaving it parched and dry. 

4. Change make-up

Summer is the perfect time for a change in make-up. In winter it is not uncommon to wear more make-up. However, in summer, it is the perfect time to opt for a low-key makeup look. Instead of foundation, you might like to find a lightweight cream. This way foundation won’t feel heavy and caked on in the heat. 

5. Get a facial 

This is the ultimate practical, yet indulgent treat. In summer you want glowing and clear skin. However, this can be hard if you have dry skin or blemishes and no products seem to be working. Booking facials provides the skin with a regular deep cleanse which works to unclog the pores and banish blemishes. Facials work to rejuvenate the skin, which is exactly the look you want for summer. 

Use sun protection 

The best part about summer skin is the natural glow that radiates off the skin. So the last thing you’d want is to get sunburnt and have to rock red, burning skin. A way to combat this is by using sun protection. Before summer hits, using a moisturiser that has SPF as well will keep skin looking young while also preventing brown spots and skin discolouration. 

Essential proteins in the skin such as keratin are preserved when sunscreen is applied. This means that the proteins responsible for keeping the skin smooth and healthy are protected. 

6. Fake a tan 

Everybody craves a summer glow, so why not indulge with some fake tan. By following the above tips to moisturise and exfoliate, you’ll notice that the tan will go on smoothly and last longer. There’s nothing like rocking some tanned skin to make you feel ready for summer. 

Indulge in a pedicure 

Summer is the season for sandals and thongs, so a great way to prepare your skin for summer is to indulge in a pedicure. Buffing nails makes them look shiny and nice, which in turn will give you the confidence to wear those open toed shoes. 

7. Getting ready for summer 

Summer is one of the greatest times of year. Instead of worrying about your skin, implement any or all of these tips in order to feel ready for summer. This season is all about vibrancy and glowing and these tips will give you the skin to match. 

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