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Get to know Ruby from Laser Clinics Gungahlin

Get to know Ruby from Laser Clinics Gungahlin

on 02 September 2019 in Health & Beauty

You may have noticed whilst visiting Marketplace the large Her Canberra billboard located on the Kmart Travelator. But did you notice the model featured on this billboard is actually a staff member at Laser Clinics Gungahlin? Ruby shares with us how she juggles working at both LCA and her budding modelling career!

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How long have you been working at Laser Clinics Gungahlin?
I have been working at Laser Clinics Gungahlin for about 6 months.

What do you enjoy most about the job?
My favourite part about working for LCA is being able to help clients feel good about themselves. When client's come back after they've had a few treatments wether it be laser hair removal or skin treatments and they are so happy with the results and feeling more confident within themselves, it really makes you feel good that you have helped them get there.

You also model part-time… tell us how you got in to that?
I got into modelling a few years ago when I applied for FashFest. I met a few people at the event that were interested in shooting with me for various things so I did a few random photoshoots and runway shows here and there. From there I met and made friends with a few photographers, designers and makeup artists that were always interested in collaborating with each other for creative projects. I then signed with HAUS models and got a few more gigs such as the HerCanberra shoot.

You are featured on the HerCanberra banner in the Centre – can you share some insight into the photo shoot and what was involved?
This shoot was really exciting because it was the first big modelling job I had done and the ladies from HerCanberra were amazing to work with! They gave me a lot of tips and tricks on posing and expression which I didn't have much experience with, this helped me a lot and I learnt so much throughout the shoot. The shoot theme was "back to basics" and took place at the National Gallery of Australia which was such a beautiful location. The shoot consisted of about 8 outfit changes which included clothing from Rebel Muse, Veronika Maine, Pink Ink Boutique, The Label and more.

As a model and a beautician at Laser Clinics you must have some great beauty and skincare tips! Can you share with us your top 3 tips for great skin and products?
I think the #1 tip for great skin is a consistent home care regime with good quality products. I absolutely adore the skinstitut products that we stock at LCA as they have helped so much with my breakouts and acne.
#2 Drink your water!!! I try to drink at least 3L a day. Water helps to flush out toxins that contribute to bad skin and also keeps skin hydrated from the inside out.
#3 Changing your pillow cases regularly helps so much with keeping skin healthy. When we sleep is when our skin heals and regenerates itself so having clean pillow cases is essential for making sure our skin can do its job properly.

If you were to recommend any 1 service at Laser Clinics Gungahlin to anyone – what would that be and why?
My favourite treatment and one that I would recommend to anyone is yellow LED's. I love this treatment because it is suitable for all clients and is so effective without being invasive. LED's strengthen skin and promote collagen and elastin production, they are also great because you can add them onto any skin treatment to promote healing and give your skin a beautiful glow.

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