How to Make a NYE at Home Special
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How to Make a NYE at Home Special

How to Make a NYE at Home Special

on 20 November 2019 in Events


New Year’s Eve (NYE) is one of the great yearly celebrations we all look forward to. It’s the perfect mix of a party atmosphere with the promise of things to come. A lot of people think they need to close the year with a bang by heading outdoors. However, the perfect celebration can take place at home. This is welcome news to parents of newborns, young adults looking to save money or those who’d prefer an intimate gathering at home. So, why hit the town when there are so many ways to enjoy NYE at home?

8 Ways to Enjoy NYE at Home 

The beauty of celebrating NYE at home is that there are no rules. You can go as extravagant, or as low key as you want and still have fun with these 8 fun ways to enjoy NYE at home. 

1.Plan a party

NYE and partying seem to go hand in hand. However, you don’t have to go clubbing to be part of the action. By hosting your own party you can stay at home with kids and do things on your timeline.

Decorate using glitter and numbered balloons to ring in 2020. Cater with finger foods like fried chicken sliders or mozzarella sticks. This means that – with a bit of creativity in your back pocket – a trip to Woolies could cover all your shopping needs. If you wanted something extra, creating a signature cocktail that represents 2020 and picking your favourite non-alcoholic options is a nice way to make sure your guests have a glass of something good when the countdown starts.

2. Cook up an exciting new dish 

In the theme of the ‘New Year’ why not try cooking up something new in the kitchen. This is a subtle and simple way to celebrate NYE, yet you still have the excitement factor of trying something new. Who knows, this new dish could even set off a trend of trying new things in the New Year. 

3. Customise your space to usher in the new year 

The new year is about new beginnings – a perfect excuse to declutter rooms and refresh your home decor. If you have recently moved or planning to downsize, use this as a chance to reset what you need or what you might be hanging onto. If you’re well and truly settled in your home, you might want to focus on a certain room that needs an update. Affordable decor solutions include new linen, throw pillows or even plants. 

4. Reflect on plans 

Sharing resolutions can be quite fun. Instead of just saying them out loud, they can be made into a game. With a group of friends, write down your resolutions on a piece of paper and everyone has to guess which resolution belongs to who. 

For those looking to spend NYE with their young family, look to the future by making poster boards of everyone’s resolutions and decorating them with markers and stickers from Big W. This will keep kids entertained and also parents, because who doesn’t love arts and crafts?

5. Acknowledge the past 

Something that gets lost in the thrill of NYE is in fact, the past. Making a memory board of your favourite moments from 2019 is a great way to acknowledge the past. With a group of friends or close family, this can be a fun activity. Even better, this activity just involves a trip to Kmart for the right craft materials.

6. Organise party games 

It should be a scientifically proven fact that nothing is more fun than party games. The best part about playing games on NYE is that the options are endless. From charades and board games to true or false and guess the resolution, there is plenty of fun to be had. 

7. Create a time capsule

The greatest part about creating a NYE time capsule is that it can become a yearly tradition. You can choose to put newspaper clippings, photos or handwritten notes into the capsule and then the next year you can take it out to remember all the fun. After you’ve had time to reminisce, place objects from the current year in the time capsule to continue this tradition for another year. 

8. Host a lucky food party 

Ring in the New Year with luck on your side. You can have a lucky food party with friends or family or simply just with the people in your house. The idea is for everyone on the guest list to be responsible for a certain type of ‘lucky food’. For example, fish for good luck or long noodles for a long life, is a great place to start. 


Ringing in the new year with Marketplace 

Whoever your plans are with this NYE, you can be sure to have an enjoyable night in the comfort of your own home. Partaking in the festivities at home means that you can enjoy a wide range of activities that are both kid and adult-friendly. 

Whether you’re planning a small New Year’s Eve gathering or simply stocking up on supplies for a quiet night in, Marketplace Gungahlin has your fresh food and entertainment needs under one roof. Check out our stores to plan your next shopping trip.