Activewear That Will Inspire Your Next Workout
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Activewear That Will Inspire Your Next Workout

Activewear That Will Inspire Your Next Workout

on 30 August 2018 in Health & Beauty

At the beginning of the year you said to yourself that 2018 was going to be the year you got off the couch and into the gym. Well, we’re now in the third quarter of the year. Isn’t it time you made your goal a reality?

We get it. The first part of the year you’re busy getting back into the swing of things. And then winter hits and the mere thought of running at 5am sends shivers down your spine. But no more excuses. Spring is here and it’s gorgeous outside. Make the most of it and start exercising ahead of summer. Your body will thank you for it.  

Getting motivated

The trick, we believe, to getting exercise-ready is to have a good set of workout clothes. The right clothes can make you feel great, even before you get to the gym.

Five years ago, piecing the words “designer” and “leggings” together was unheard of. But now, workout gear is big news, so much so that P.E. Nation just won one of Australia’s biggest fashion prizes. Athleisure is all the rage because it’s clear how motivating stylish and functional working clothing can be. High-end sports clothes are a new status symbol. It says, “I’m healthy and I look after my body”.

Finding the right clothes

Australians spend $712 million a month on health and fitness activities. This equates to each person spending around $38 a month working out. Exercise is a big part of everyday life and with the right transitional clothes exercise is made easy. Work out in the morning and look good the rest of the day. It’s simple.

Modern day workout clothes are not what they used to be. Your workout clothes now can suit your personality, ensuring that should you stay in them all day no one would bat an eyelid. Providing, of course, you remembered to put on your deodorant.

With the right clothes, you can look great, feel great and be ready to move freely whenever you like. You have a natural spring in your step that leaves you feeling motivated and active all day long.

No matter what kind of exercise you plan to do you and no matter what kind of person you are or how much you have to spend, there’s something to suit. You can find clothes for:

Yoga fans

Yoga pants need to flexible, even if you aren’t. Yoga, by nature, requires a lot from your clothing – you need to be able to fold yourself up into a pretzel while gliding into your downward dog without flashing your undies. It also pays if your yoga pants show off your form during yoga positions, so that your instructor can correct you if needed. A tight fit will also mean there’s no excess material to slip on.

Best yoga brands? Beyond Yoga is a luxury athleisure brand that seamlessly transitions workout wear to ‘night out’ wear. Their clothes blend fashion and function and elevate your silhouettes with striking prints, lush textures and mesh insets. Their no-hassle style keeps up with your toughest workouts too. Other great brands include Dharma Bums, Samanata Yogi and Lululemon Athletica.

The Ethical

Ethical and sustainable clothing has a minimal carbon footprint. It’s made with eco-friendly material like organic cotton, bamboo or wool. If you believe that what you put on your body is just as important as what you put into your body, you’ll be pleased to know that more and more athleisure brands are turning towards ethical clothing.

Best ethical clothing brands? Well-loved Australian brand, First Base is designed in Bondi and ethically produced in China. It works exclusively with factories that are WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) ensuring transparency across their production chain. The brand uses 100% Certified Organic Cotton across its basics range and incorporates 78% recycled performance lycra. Other great ethical brands include: Pink Punk Active, Elle Evans and Sunrise at Bondi.


Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t look great when exercising. In fact, there are some truly awesome maternity activewear labels out there. Maternity activewear needs to cater for your changing body and support a growing belly. Garments should be designed to be comfortably worn for the duration of your pregnancy. It pays to have workout clothes that will make you feel your very best.

Best maternity brands? The Ten is a bespoke, beautiful selection of activewear specifically designed for getting you through your ten months of pregnancy. It grows with your body, features stretchable belly bands and is made of luxuriously soft fabrics. Other great maternity brands include: Born Fit and Queen Bee.

The vibrant

If you’re not afraid of colour there are a ton of brands that provide, bright, happy and bold gym clothing. This can be perfect for a cold foggy morning in Canberra when getting out of bed is a little more challenging. Introduce a bit of colour and you suddenly feel so much brighter!

Best vibrant brands? The Upside is known for its vibrant prints, matching sets and standout quality. It’s a brand for women who take their workouts seriously and their style even more so. Other brands not afraid to be vibrant include: Rainbow Body and Petalee.

Pool lovers

If you find yourself in the ocean a lot or you jump between the gym and the pool, you’ll benefit from multipurpose activewear to keep up with your demands. Don’t be limited in your workout and choose hybrid activewear to suit any kind of activity.

Best multipurpose brands? All I Sea is an evolution of high performance sportswear that’s been merged with beautiful swimwear. It caters for your exercise no matter which form it takes. Other great multipurpose activewear brands include: Rival and Roxy.


If you don’t have the funds to spend big on your activewear and pay for your membership at Fernwood Fitness there is some great budget-friendly shopping to be had at Marketplace Gungahlin. Manage your fitness budget smartly and not only can you look great while you exercise, you may even be able to afford a healthy juice from Boost Juice after your workout or coffee and a healthy breakfast at Atlas.

Best budget-friendly brands? Visit Kmart and Big W today and discover brands like Everlast, Active by Michelle Bridges, Avella, Circuit and Trady Lady. While you’re shopping, check out Kmart and Big W’s range of affordable exercise accessories too, from yoga mats, pilates rings and boxing gloves to push up grips, cast iron weights and kettlebells.

Staying motivated

With the right clothes in your wardrobe and your gym membership ready to go it’s time to ensure you stay motivated. Pop your head into Prodigy Performance Nutrition and have a chat with them about how supplements can help you reach your peak performance. If you see results early you’ll be more motivated to continue on your fitness journey.

Good luck!