The Rise of Women's-Only Gyms
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The Rise of Women's-Only Gyms

The Rise of Women's-Only Gyms

on 12 November 2015 in Health & Beauty

Female-only gyms offer a safe and comfortable environment for women to work out and achieve their health and fitness goals. The notion of single-sex gyms might seem like a holdover from the past, but there's no denying their success in Australia and overseas, as these facilities boast a number of distinct advantages over mixed gyms.

Supportive environment

Many women who regularly attend gyms report feeling intimidated and judged when working out alongside men, as well as receiving undesired attention that can prevent them from reaching their fitness objectives and leave them feeling uncomfortable. These same women tend to find female-only gyms more welcoming and supportive.

Targeted activities

While men and women visit the gym in roughly equal numbers, the types of activities and equipment that each gender favours are very different. Statistics reveal that men are more likely to work out solo on fitness machines, lift weights and join team sports, whereas more women prefer to join classes such as yoga and Pilates. Women's-only gyms can still be diverse and fully-equipped, but they are more likely to offer the options most in line with their members' preferences.

Networking opportunities

The gym isn't only about staying in shape – it can also be an important social space where like-minded women can meet and make connections. Just as the golf course and country club have long been lubricants for male networking, women's-only gyms are now significant hubs for personal and professional mixing. Many gyms also host regular events, seminars and happy hours, creating a strong sense of community among the clientele.

Child care facilities

There is naturally a stronger emphasis on child care in gyms for women, making it easier for mums to get the valuable exercise they need, safe in the knowledge that the little ones will be occupied and entertained.

Women's-only gyms in Australia

The female gym is not a new concept, but has certainly been on the rise in recent years. Australia's largest single sex gym, Fernwood Women's Health Club, opened its first location in Bendigo in 1989 and today operates more than 69 gyms in most metropolitan and many regional areas of all states and territories.

With a membership of 68,000 Australian women and growing, Fernwood has won multiple awards for customer satisfaction and has been named one of the country's fastest growing and most successful private companies under $100 million, proving that the demand for women's gyms isn't going away any time soon.

Visit Fernwood in Gungahlin

Whether you're looking to get in shape, boost your confidence or beat the baby bulge, head to Fernwood Women's Health Club at The Marketplace Gungahlin to find out all about their unique women's-only approach to health and fitness. Your dedicated Fitness Coach will help you to set realistic targets and achieve your desired results.