4 Tips When Choosing Glasses Frames
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4 Tips When Choosing Glasses Frames

4 Tips When Choosing Glasses Frames

on 06 May 2017 in General News
Finding the right pair of glasses to suit you is no easy task. Eyewear is an accessory that will be front and centre, for some people, every day. Your glasses should be a reflection of your personality, lifestyle and taste. Your choice in frames gives a strong first impression. If you want to appear youthful, sophisticated, fashion forward or a little more traditional, then carefully selecting your look is very important.

When shopping for new eyewear, there’s a lot to keep in mind. Size, colour, shape, material, whether or not they match your favourite outfit – the list goes on! If you’re shopping for one pair only, you will want it to be a versatile style to suit different outfits and occasions. And of course – you want to ensure that no matter the pair you choose, that it gives you optimal vision.

There are three key ideas to keep in mind when choosing eyewear to suit your face shape:
The frame shape should contrast with the shape of your face – for example, a square frame often best suits a round face.

The size of the frame should be in scale with your face size – that is, if you have a larger face, a larger frame will suit you best.

Your eyewear should highlight a great feature of your face – do you have dazzling green eyes? Try a frame that has a hint of green, like a mock tortoise shell. 

1. Choose the style that best suits your face shape

Every face is a combination of different shapes and angles. With this in mind, there’s no “one style suits all” frame when it comes to eyewear. When choosing your frames, take the time to assess your face shape and ensure that your dream frame will look as good on you as it does on the shelf.
Specsavers offers some great examples of which styles are suited to certain face shapes – drop into their store at Marketplace Gungahlin to try them on in person.

Here’s a rundown of the six most common face shapes:

  • OvalOval faces are considered by some to be the ‘ideal’ face shape, with symmetrical and balanced proportions. The best match for oval faces are frames that are as wide as, or wider than, the broadest part of the face. Oval faces should steer clear of frames that are oversized as they’ll throw off the symmetry of your face.
  • OblongOblong, or rectangular, faces are longer than they are wide, with a long and straight cheek line. Oblong faces will often have a long, straight nose. To balance out an oblong face and give the illusion of a shorter length, try frames with more depth than width. Decorative or contrasting temples, like a cat eye frame, will add width to the face. Avoid angular styles as they might appear a little box-like.
  • Heart-shaped facesHeart-shaped faces, sometimes called “base-up triangle” faces, will have a wide forehead and a narrower chin. To balance this out, try frames that are wider at the bottom, in lighter colours or materials.  Rimless frames will also give an airy effect and give the illusion of a narrower top third. Avoid bold frames with decorative temples or lots of embellishment for the most flattering look.
  • Triangle‘Base-down triangle’ faces have narrower foreheads that widen at the cheek and chin. Heavily coloured frames will pop and make the forehead appear wider. Popular styles include cat eye or browline frames, which give balance to a wide jaw.
  • SquareSquare faces have strong jaw lines, broad foreheads and will have similar proportions in width and length. To soften strong angles, try narrow frame styles or narrow ovals. Rectangular frames will appear harsh on a squarer face – stick to round styles.
  • RoundRound faces have curved lines and softer angles. To add definition, angular frames will lengthen the faces and clear bridges will widen the eyes. Round faces should avoid rimless frames, round frames and small frames.
  • DiamondDiamond shaped faces are unique, with narrow foreheads and jawlines and high, sharp cheekbones. To make the eyes pop and slightly soften a strong cheekbone, frames with distinctive details or even rimless frames. Avoid square or boxy frames.

2. Choose the right material:

Typically, glasses frames will be made from either plastic or metal. If you’re hunting for a new pair online, brands like OPSM will allow you to filter your search by material. Historically, plastic frames have been a more popular choice, with durability and their light-weight nature a big benefit. However, modern technology has seen metal frames made with these qualities as well. Shopping for glasses has never been more fun, with interesting colours, patterns and styles available across a range of materials.

If you’re after a rimless or semi-rimless frame, there will be some limitations on the lens materials used, impacting the overall cost of the glasses. Impact resistant lenses are recommended with this style to avoid chipping. In some cases, this can come at a higher price.

3. Consider warranty:

As with the purchase of any product, warranty is important. A pair of glasses could end up being worn daily for several years. For peace of mind that the frames you choose will last you as long as you need them, ensure that they come with a great warranty.

Consider the following:

  • length of the frame warranty
  • replacement cost if the glasses are lost or damaged beyond repair
  • warranty on free adjustments and ongoing maintenance  – is this included?
  • replacement of screws and nosepads – does this come at an additional cost?
  • warranties on the prescription lenses themselves

4. Match the frame to your lifestyle and personality:

As with any accessory, your eyewear should reflect who you are and how you present yourself. In a business environment, a more muted, subtle frame might help to give off an air of professionalism and sophistication. Classic shapes like ovals and rectangles in browns, blacks, silvers and greys will give a sharp, clean touch. If you want to kick up your heels on the weekend, consider getting a second pair in a fun colour that shows off your personality.

If you’re not afraid to show off your creative side, modern shapes, geometric styles and thicker plastic frames come in a whole range of colours. Try orange, red, green or purple. Match your frames to your eye colour, hair colour, or even your favourite handbag for the ultimate colour coordinated look. If you do choose a bold colour, make sure that it flatters your skin tone.

Putting a lot of thought into the selection of your frames and considering your face’s features will help you choose your perfect look. Matching your eyewear to your lifestyle also means your glasses will suit you for years to come while giving you optimal vision. With these ideas in mind, you’ll be ready to go shopping!

To find the right glasses to suit you,  visit Marketplace Gungahlin. With both SpecSavers and OPSM conveniently located in our centre, you won’t have to go anywhere else.