How to Organise Your Summer Wardrobe
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How to Organise Your Summer Wardrobe

How to Organise Your Summer Wardrobe

on 21 December 2022 in General News

Summer is a great time to refresh and reset. This could mean enjoying the sun’s rays and picking up a new hobby. It could also mean taking the time to sort out your wardrobe and pick up a few new stylish pieces. 

While there are seemingly hundreds of different ways to spend a summer day, organising your wardrobe is a productive and rewarding day. Not only do you get to curate a wardrobe for the warmer weather, but you can also get more organised and therefore have more room for new clothes!

Whether you have an abundance of clothes or just a few essentials, organising your wardrobe can be a big day. With this in mind, it’s always best to go in with a plan, that way, the end result will feel satisfying.

Organising your wardrobe

When it comes to organising your wardrobe, the best plan to employ is one that is broken down into steps. That way you can see where you need to start and ultimately, where you’re heading. All of which will help keep you on track. 

Step 1: Sort out your clothes

The best first step is to sort out your clothes. As it’s a new season, you have more space from winter, spring and autumn clothes and can evaluate them clearly. This ultimately means throwing out clothes or, if they are still in a good condition, donating them. 

Step 2: Put away winter clothes – especially those big pieces

Once you’ve worked out the clothes you’re keeping, start putting them away. If you have the space, pack winter clothes in a different wardrobe. Chunky coats, thick pants and boots can take up a lot of wardrobe space. Before packing away, make sure everything is clean

Step 3: Update your storage system

We all have a storage system in our closets. For some, it works. For others, it’s chaos. As your wardrobe is empty, now is the time to try out a new system. This may mean putting together some shelving or employing the use of baskets and tubs from Big W, Kmart or Homebase

Step 4: Re-arranging your wardrobe

There are so many different ways to organise a wardrobe. You could sort by colour, by function or even by style. The best system will be one that makes all of your essentials easily accessible. Additionally, any worthwhile system will also need to account for accessories. 

Step 5: Find out what you need for your summer capsule

The final step to organising your summer wardrobe is to establish a summer capsule. While this is a relatively new term in modern-day fashion, capsule wardrobes have been around since the 1970s. They are making a resurgence nowadays due to their simplicity. 

With this in mind, a capsule wardrobe is defined as a limited selection of interchangeable clothing pieces. However, each piece has to complement the other. Rather than opting for trendy pieces, a capsule is made up of timeless styles in a largely neutral palette.

Thethinking behind a capsule wardrobe is that it effectively provides you with different outfit options, even though it’s only a limited selection of clothes. As such, the benefits revolve around the fact that decision fatigue and outfit stress are minimised and time is maximised.

A typical summer capsule wardrobe includes:

  • Basic t-shirts

  • Tank tops

  • Shirts

  • Blouse

  • Sweaters

  • Dressy bottoms

  • Jumpsuit

  • Shorts

  • Jeans 

  • Pants

  • Jackets

  • Three pairs of shoes

  • Handbags 

  • Jewellery

  • Other accessories

Summer fashion tips 

Now that you know everything to include in your summer capsule, it’s time to pair that knowledge with some summer fashion tips and of course, summer staples. This way, you’ll look effortlessly stylish whether hitting the shops or attending a long lunch with friends. 

Summer staples that you need

Keeping in mind the outline for a summer capsule, there are staples for the hot season that every wardrobe needs. As such, no capsule wardrobe is complete without a pair of shorts. To maximise usage, consider getting a matching short set, that way you can pair the shorts with their matching top for one outfit. Then, for another outfit, you can pair them with a plain tee.

No summer wardrobe is complete without tees and tanks. For ultimate versatility, consider getting the same style in a few different colours. That way you can easily mix and match with skirts, pants and jeans from Millers or Rockmans without feeling like an outfit repeater. 

Midi skirts were winter’s biggest trend. However, due to the lightweight nature of some midi skirts, they can also be included in a summer capsule. Providing coverage and elegance, a midi skirt from Suzanne Grae can be paired with a tank top for a day trip or a light jean jacket for dinner by the water’s edge. 

5 Big summer trends 

While there are undoubtedly clothes synonymous with summer, it’s always important to keep an eye on trends. This way, you can buy a few pieces every year that help you feel like your favourite social media influencer. 

Puffy Sleeves – In fact, shirts complete with puffy sleeves are a bit of a game changer. For one, they add real drama to an outfit. However, they can also be a cheeky way to help reshape your body to the naked eye. 

Big Pants – Everything big is on trend at the moment. As such, the second trend is big pants. Think slouchy trousers with volume. While on trend, these pants are comfortable and versatile enough to pair with sandals and nice fresh white runners from FSW Shoes

Oversized Blazers – Keeping with the big theme, the third summer trend is big blazers. Oversized blazers pair perfectly with the aforementioned trousers and even a pair of shorts for more informal gatherings. Just make sure that it’s still somewhat tailored for a flattering effect. 

Big Bags – Rounding out the big theme is the fourth trend- big bags. In neutral colours, big bags will complement everything from everyday style to working girl and even lunches with the girls. Best of all, a big bag from Strandbags has the right amount of room for all your essentials. 

Patterns – This includes everything from florals to black-and-white graphic patterns. The key to pulling off a pattern is to go small. Think of small polka dots and vertical stripes. Something that adds a visual dimension while still being flattering to the eye.

Embrace summer in style 

The summer schedule can be packed full of family gatherings, workplace parties, lunch with friends and even the odd spot of shopping. To enjoy all that the season has to offer and feel confident in your skin, put your best foot forward with a revitalised summer wardrobe.