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School lunchbox ideas

School lunchbox ideas

on 05 August 2015 in General News

Running out of ideas for school lunches? At this time of year it’s easy to feel uninspired, and coming up with new ideas for school lunches five days a week can be a challenge. If your kids are getting bored of jam sambo’s, give these tips and tasty recipes from Bakers Delight a try!

  • Do your kids turn their noses up at the dreaded brown bread (ie wholemeal or wholegrain)? Try Bakers Delight’s Hi-Fibre Lo-GI loaf or roll. Its Australia’s only freshly baked high fibre, low GI white bread – best of all, it looks and tastes like traditional white bread, so the kids won’t suspect a thing!
  • For a twist on an old favourite, cheese and vegemite sandwich, try a Wholemeal Cheesymite Scroll – whole grain dough scrolled with Vegemite and golden cheese. Sure to please even the fussiest eater!
  • For a morning tea snack that will keep them going for hours, try a Cape Fruit and Nut Roll. It’s high in fibre and packed with 15 different fruits, seeds and nuts – a good way to sneak some extra goodness into their diet.

Sandwich filling ideas:

  • Banana and peanut butter
  • Chicken breast with mayo and salad
  • Baked beans and cheese 
  • Tinned tuna with cheese and tomato
  • Banana, honey and sultanas
  • Ham, cheese and salad
  • Turkey, cranberry and lettuce
  • Egg, mayo and salad
  • Salami, cheese, tomato and baby spinach
  • Beef pattie, beetroot and lettuce

Looking for a change from the standard sambo? Try out some of these recipes:
Bacon & Cheese Superfood Quiche
Falafel & Hummus Hi-Fibre Rolls
Egg, Ham and Lettuce Roll with Fruit Chutney
Stoplight Sandwich
Super Sandwich Sushi
Cape Crouton Pies

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