Mother’s Day Activities: 5 Meaningful and Fun Ideas to Celebrate Mum
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Mother’s Day Activities: 5 Meaningful and Fun Ideas to Celebrate Mum

Mother’s Day Activities: 5 Meaningful and Fun Ideas to Celebrate Mum

on 21 April 2023 in General News

The saying goes that there is no love quite like a mother’s love. A great way to show mum just how much you love and appreciate all she does for you is to make this Mother’s Day a special one.

As all mums have their own unique brand of special, it can sometimes be hard to find the perfect gift or activity to celebrate. Rather than going for something extravagant, keep your gifts and celebrations close to home. 

By infusing Mother’s Day with personalised gifts and experiences, you can show mum just how much you know and love them. Laying the foundation needed for memories that will last a lifetime to develop. 

5 ways to celebrate Mum for Mother’s Day

All mums are different. Some like action movies while others enjoy going to the theatre. There are some mums that love sports and others that prefer a quiet night at home with the company of a great book. However, there is something that all mums have in common- a love for their kids. 

Mums just want to see their kids happy and thriving. It also doesn’t hurt to show mum how much you care for and appreciate them. This way, they can see their love reflected back at them through your eyes. With this in mind, here are 5 ideas to help you celebrate mum this Mother’s Day. 

1. Try your hand at a home-cooked meal 

Whether your parents share cooking duties or the kitchen is mum’s domain, mums love a home cooked meal that they don’t have to cook! This is because mums know the time and effort involved in making a dish that everyone will love. 

On Mother’s Day consider treating mum to breakfast in bed. You could even make them a special lunch or work with your other parent to cook mum’s favourite dinner. To go that extra mile, set the table so that the family can spend some quality time together. 

2. Make Mother’s Day a day for pampering 

A great way to show appreciation for mums and all that they do is to treat them to some pampering or relaxation based activities. Whether booking a spot at the spa or local nail salons like Beauty Central or Crystal Nails Spa, pampering can also double as a way to spend quality time with your mum. 

You could even choose to send mum off for some quality time with their siblings or closest friends. There is nothing like catching up while someone paints your nails or massages your sore shoulders. Either way, such a thoughtful gesture will highlight to your mum just how much you appreciate everything they do. 

3. Get creative 

Trying something a little left of centre can be a great way to show mum that you’ve put some thought into making Mother’s Day as special as possible. Getting creative can be as simple as drawing together or creating a scrapbook of your favourite memories. 

You can even go a step further and look into classes that teach painting or workshops for pottery. This way, at the end of the activity you will have a tangible item such as a landscape painting or vase to commemorate the special time you’ve spent together.

4. Create a special keepsake

Mums love to make memories with their kids. They also love to have special keepsakes of important moments in life. To add to your mum’s collection, consider creating a unique keepsake. Some mums might like a piece of jewellery from Zamel’s that you’ve engraved with your initials or something uniquely sentimental. 

Other mums might cherish something that you’ve made with your own hands. For younger kids, outlining hand and footprints is particularly special. For older kids, a special drawing, homemade card or DIY photo album will be just as heartwarming. When creating a keepsake the only rule is to make sure it’s something mum will cherish and keep forever. 

5. Take the celebrations outdoors 

With a bit of luck the sun might be shining on Mother’s Day, but even if the sun is in hiding, seize the day and get some fresh air. Pick a special spot, sit down and enjoy a nicely packed picnic or BBQ as well as each other’s company and the scenery. 

You might also like to do something you’ve never done before such as take a hike, visit a local attraction or take a yoga class on the beach at sunrise. You never know the memories you will create if you don’t try. 

Celebrating mum this Mother’s Day 

Mums do so much every single day of the year for their children. That’s why Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to let mum sit back and feel special. However, finding the right way to celebrate mum can be a little tricky.

Rather than letting the day pass by, seize the opportunity to show your mum how loved they are. Plan special activities that speak to what your mum likes and values. This way, your mum will know just how much you love, appreciate and understand them.