7 Key Tips to Enjoy a Summer Workout
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7 Key Tips to Enjoy a Summer Workout

7 Key Tips to Enjoy a Summer Workout

on 25 October 2022 in General News


With the calendar edging closer to summer every day, it’s time to start making plans for the warm season. These plans will encompass everything from which family member is hosting Christmas lunch to new workout routines in light of the changing seasons.

While it can be tempting to put your feet up, relax with friends and family and stay out of the sun’s path, there are tips you can employ to make sure that you are working out safely during the warmer months of the year.

Tips for summer workouts

When it comes to working out on warm days, there are a few things that you can do to ensure that you remain relatively comfortable. Namely, choosing the right period of the day to conduct your workout.

Choosing cooler times of the day such as first thing in the morning or night-time will ensure that you lay the foundation needed for key workout tips to be successful. If you choose to work out in the heat of the day, sunscreen and the right sportswear can only help so much.

Check with a medical professional

Working out in summer can be quite harsh on the body. This is because, when you exercise, your body tries to sweat as a way to remain at an optimal body temperature. The more you sweat, the more body fluid you lose.

In hot conditions, the loss of this bodily fluid can lead to things such as heat stress and dehydration. To be sure that your body can cope with the rigours of summer exercise, an important first step is to visit a doctor.

This is especially important when you consider that common medications may increase the body’s response to heat. To be certain that you can safely exercise this summer, book an appointment at Marketplace Medical Centre or consult a professional at Chemist Warehouse.


When exercising during the summer months, sunscreen is paramount. This is largely due to the fact that sunscreen application protects the skin from high ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun. In Australia, we are known to have a high UV environment.

General practice is to reapply every two hours, but those sweating should apply more regularly. SPF30 or higher is also recommended as this refers to the time it takes for skin to get damaged. This is prudent when you consider most workouts last 30 minutes or longer.


During a summer workout, keeping up hydration is a must. When the body is dehydrated, overall body temperature and heart rate may rise, which makes working out more challenging. Additionally, fatigue will set in quicker and some key bodily functions may begin to slow down.

To ensure proper hydration, drink water during your workout. Once home, switch to electrolyte drinks in order to help your body replace the sodium, magnesium and potassium it expended during exercise. Cucumbers and watermelon are also great for snacking.

Breaks in the shade

While you may love to work out in the great outdoors, constant exposure to the sun can contribute to experiencing dehydration and common symptoms of heat stress. To guard against this, plan your exercise route ahead of time to incorporate breaks.

Map out spots where you can stop for a rest that is in the shade. These resting places don’t necessarily have to have benches for rest. Rather, you just need some respite from the sun. In fact, when stopped in the shade you can still perform stretching exercises for example.

Wear proper sportswear

The skin is the body’s cooling system, with this in mind, you want to wear sportswear that works with the body’s natural mechanism, not against it. As such, singlet tops, shorts and other clothing with sweat-wicking properties allows the skin to keep cool.

Marketplace Gungahlin has all the sportswear you’ll need this summer. Visit FSW Shoe Warehouse for supportive workout footwear such as runners that will protect you against common exercise injuries. Head to Kmart and stores such as Lowes and Big W for breathable, comfortable and fashionable working out attire.

Ensure you have nutritious snacks and supplements

Working out, especially during the summer months can be taxing on the body. To help boost your body’s vitamins and minerals, a great exercise tip is to eat a balanced diet and take supplements throughout the course of the day, be it day or night.

You can get all your fresh fruits, vegetables and protein needs when you visit Woolworths. For Vitamin A and Vitamin E to help your body protect the skin barrier from harsh sunlight, along with other key vitamin sources, visit the team at Elite Supplements.

Find indoor locations to work out

A great summer workout tip is to head inside. While you may like running through local parks or around the neighbourhood, sometimes personal obligations don’t allow for a workout first thing in the morning or later on in the night.

Rather than missing out on exercising altogether, head to indoor facilities. Gyms and other exercise studios have an array of different workout equipment and tools which are sure to keep you in top shape.

When the sun’s rays are beating down a little too hard, head to Marketplace for a great workout. For a more traditional workout, visit Fernwood Fitness. For those looking to try something a little different, look to Studio Pilates and Cycle Bar for all your exercise needs.

Working up a sweat in summer

While the temperature may be rising, there are still plenty of opportunities to put on a pair of runners and work out. Whether you’re looking to hit the gym, run a track close to home or visit a pilates studio with friends, summer is full of workout opportunities.

When sweating it out, it’s easy to get lost in the music pounding through your headphones. However, when working out in summer, it’s important to adopt some safety tips and be armed with the right essentials. So, a visit to the shops at Marketplace Gungahlin is definitely in order!