11 beauty trends on our Summer radar
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11 beauty trends on our Summer radar

11 beauty trends on our Summer radar

on 13 October 2016 in General News

Summer’s the favourite season of the year for many, but with the warmer weather comes changing beauty requirements. Whether you spend a lot of time outdoors or at the beach, or stay indoors most of the time, you’ll want to keep up to speed with the best beauty tips and trends for this summer.


1. Tinted moisturiser


During hot summer days the last thing you’ll want to have on your face is a thick layer of foundation, so one alternative is to use tinted moisturiser, which will give you coverage and plenty of moisture. Tinted moisturiser is a great option during hot weather because it’s designed to dissolve into your skin and won’t melt when the temperatures rise. If your tinted moisturise incorporates sunscreen, even better.

Editor's note: We love the Natio Tinted Moisturiser with SPF 20 from Priceline – and it's only $18.95!

2. Use a primer


If you do wear foundation, always prep your skin with a primer to start with. A primer seals your pores and helps with keeping your foundation in place even when the mercury starts climbing. Get into the routine of using a primer before applying your foundation during hot weather, and choose a primer with SPF for extra convenience. For extra skin breathability, try a mineral foundation.


3. Sheer lips


As the warmer months roll in, we’re shifting towards sheer lips and away from strong colours. It’s a good time to stock up with some nude lip balms or lightly tinted glossy colours to brighten your lips during the day. If you’re after more colour for a special night out, opt for a lip product formulated with lip oils that will give you a juicy, dewy shine.  To avoid smudging, apply a touch of foundation before you apply your lipstick or gloss.


4. Argan oil for the hair


If your hair is dry and brittle from months of cold, or if you’re going to be exposing it to water and sun, try a hot new trend: argan oil for the hair. Beauty experts suggest argan is now the go-to oil for battling dryness, so apply to dry ends or coat your hair from root to end, wrap it up in a towel, and wait an hour before rinsing it off. You can also keep your hair in peak condition by spraying a leave-in conditioner before you leave the house and deep conditioning it at least once a week during summer.

Editor's note: Hairhouse Warehouse have a great range of products that contain Argan Oil – ask about their treatments!

5. Fresh is best


The trend for summer is towards lighter, fresher faces, and great skin is a great start. Get ready for summer with an enzyme peel, or if your skin is a bit more sensitive, try an exfoliating facial to slough that winter skin away.

Editor's note: Laser Clinics Australia have a great range of facials to suit every skin type – and expert consultants to steer you in the right direction.

6. Strong lashes


This summer, it’s about making an impact with strong lashes, so don’t go easy on the mascara. If you’re in an adventurous mood, add some colour to your lashes with non-black mascaras, and couple it with black eyeliner or an eyeliner in a complementary colour. Lash extensions are another great option to consider for highlighting your eye area, and best of all, they require little maintenance.  
Editor's note: Check out Priceline's range of mascaras and eyelash serums – we're loving Freezeframe Tint & Grow for seriously long lashes

7. Glitter tears


Glitter is back, but use in moderation. Mix some glitter with your moisturiser and apply under your bottom lashes for a sparkly effect. There’s probably no quicker way to cover up dark circles than with some funky glitter tears!


8. Glossy lids


Glossy lids are a top trend this summer. You can get the glossy look by applying Vaseline over the top of the whole lid. Alternatively, apply lip gloss or a dedicated glossy lid product. If you’re not into the glossy look, you can still change up your look for the season by switching your charcoals, greens, and blues for a palette of golds, coppers, and bronzes that are perfect for the summer months.


9. Sandbagging


Sandbagging is a great technique to perfect before the hot weather arrives. Since hot weather is associated with shiny T-zones and smudged, melting lip colour, adding a good dose of loose powder under the eyes and under the bottom lip will help you create a “sandbag” barrier against shine and melt. Remember to blend well and use enough powder.


10. Metallic shades


Metallic shades are another big trend this summer, and they’re perfect for a night out or for a music festival or outdoor events. Dust some metallic colours on the eyelids and experiment with metallic eyeliners for a futuristic and high-impact look.

Editor's note: Check out the Australis Metallix range at Priceline – give your eyes that extra POW for under ten bucks!

11. Skin luminizers


Make your skin glow this summer with a skin luminizer in peach or pink and some bronzer. Add a matte bronzer for a contouring effect before adding your shimmery colours. A great tip to keep in mind is to apply your bronzer in a heart shape on your face, which helps with definition and blending.


Summer is about protecting your skin and keeping your beauty look fresh, clean, and fierce. Armed with these summertime beauty insights, you’ll have fun experimenting with some new beauty hacks and look fabulous all summer long.