Getting fit is more fun in summer
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Getting fit is more fun in summer

Getting fit is more fun in summer

on 26 October 2015 in General News

Winter is over and it's time to come out of hibernation! Summer is on its way and Fernwood Fitness have put together a list of reasons why this season is one of the easiest and most fun seasons to be active.

More sunlight and longer days: Longer days means there is more time to head outside and exercise at either end of the day. Plus it’s so much easier to throw the covers away and bounce out of bed when the sun is already shining at 6am!

You’re less prone to binges: Craving carb-heavy food is common when it’s cold outside. And while ice-cream is the unofficial food of summer, most people find they’re less prone to pantry raids in the warmer months.

You're showing more skin: What’s more motivating than watching your body shift and shape from your hard work in the gym? Wearing sleeveless tops and dresses gives you ample opportunity to check out the results of that latest arm session in the gym – hello biceps!

Fruit's in season: The most delicious and sweetest fruits are in season in the summer, especially after Christmas. Mangoes, peaches, oranges, strawberries, grapes, cherries… nature’s desserts are in abundance during the summer months – meaning you can get your sweet fix, while avoiding processed nasties.

It’s the time for adventure: Although there are some people who run all through the winter months and love camping in the wind and rain… most of us wait until the weather is more inviting to take advantage of the great outdoors. There are just so many active outdoor activities to do when the weather is at its best: bike riding, dog walking, camping, swimming, casual sport…. it all happens in the summer.

The heat makes drinking water a habit: In the summer heat, drinking a lot of water is not only refreshing but a necessity due to the extreme temperatures. Plus studies show that drinking water before each meal can help you lose weight. Making getting fit in summer just that little bit easier.

It’s easier to set goals in summer: In the southern hemisphere we’re lucky to have summer coincide with our biggest reflective time of the year: the New Year! One way to kick-start a new fitness regimen is to list all the reasons you want to reshape your body and life. Write down your goals – and the reasons you want to reach them.

It's more than likely that many of your goals will actually be related to summer. For example, do you want to feel confident and happy in your swimsuit? Do you want to be energised enough to play tennis with your kids over the holidays?

From the outset, set yourself realistic (and responsible) goals and you’ll have fun ticking them off as the summer months roll on!

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