5 tips to keep your skin Christmas-FIT from Clear Complexions
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5 tips to keep your skin Christmas-FIT from Clear Complexions

5 tips to keep your skin Christmas-FIT from Clear Complexions

on 27 November 2017 in General News

The Christmas break shouldn’t be a break for your skin, it’s the perfect time to get your skin looking fabulously fit!
Let’s be honest, glowing skin is always in so what can you do to ensure your keeping yours in the best condition?


Suzie Hoitink, founder of Clear Complexions lets you in on her 5 easy tips for skin health you need to know now:

Be Sun Smart – Yes, you have heard it before and that’s because it’s so important! But do you remember the “forgotten areas?” Your neck, chest and hands need sunscreen too! Using a 50+ waterproof sunscreen when swimming or exercising is a must and a 15-30+ non- waterproof one for every day is perfect to enjoy the beautiful weather.

Hydrate – Not just water! Obviously, water intake is crucial but keep up your moisturiser, even if it’s a lighter one but just don’t let it get dehydrated.

Exfoliate – Daily. Using a mild exfoliator three to four times a week will help to keep that luminosity and glow in your skin. For the best result use one with lactic acid.

Food – Feed your skin. Keep feeding your skin all the important antioxidants like vitamin A, C, B as well as AHA’s and BHA’s because if you get lazy and stop you will quickly notice the change.

Relax – Enjoy your break. It’s the best time of year where we eat a little too much and consume a little more alcohol than usual. Even though this isn’t conducive to great skin health make sure you have a plan for 2018 healthy skin so you can relax now.

Want to make 2018 your best skin year yet?

Let Clear Complexions Nurses create a tailored plan to start you on your journey to beautiful healthy skin today.

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