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Community Rewards 2022

Community Rewards 2022

on 20 March 2023 in Local News

We are so grateful to have individuals and community groups within Gungahlin and its surrounds who drive, uplift, amplify and support our community. Marketplace Gungahlin will be donating a total of $1,000 to three winners for the Community Rewards Program. 

We thank them for their continuous positive impacts to our community – Pam Zielke from Pam's Pantry, The Ngunnawal Street Pantry & Miranda Phillips from Roundabout Canberra.

Pam Zielke | Pam's Pantry

Pam’s Pantry: Pam Zielke

"Pam has gone above and beyond for our community. Pam has been running Pam’s Pantry in Ngunnawal since late 2019 and basically all on her own! Pam’s Pantry is the go to place for toys, crafts, books and more, looking for a second chance to be loved. Pam will source, sort, clean and restock the toy shed, the book pantry and the craft cabinet for families in Gungahlin and beyond. She also seeks out donations to help families, individuals, non for profit organisations, animal rescue groups, upstarting preschools, educators and so many more. From sourcing a beloved toy for a young child to filling up carloads of donations for a displaced family, Pam is there. Pam has a network of groups and individuals that she can go to when seeking specific items, who also turn to her and the pantry for help. She is fundamental to how communities function and run. She finds and connects people, making our community stronger and better. People from all walks of life use Pam’s Pantry and feel safe to get in touch with her when they need that extra helping hand. Pam is always there for a shoulder to cry on, an empathetic ear and will do her absolute best to fulfil any requests that come her way. In the height of the pandemic, she worked tirelessly to ensure that families in isolation were equipped with activities for the kids, food for the family and something for their pet. She continues to help those who visit the pantry whether via the Facebook page or in person. Pam does all of this while running her own family daycare. Every donation she sources for pick up or drops off items to families and organisations she does so in her own time and with her own money. She will drive across town to do a pick up or drop off because that is the type of person she is. It would be wonderful to see her as a finalist for the Community Rewards, she very much deserves it! We need more people like Pam, she has a gift of making you feel heard and seen. My family and I go there when we can to help out, have a browse and a play. Pam is always there with a big smile on her face and all is well again. Her positive impact on our community is beyond words!" – Garmisch (Nominator)

The Ngunnawal Street Pantry

Ngunnawal Street Pantry: Cecilia & Greg

"The Ngunnawal Street Pantry is a not for profit and run by those who volunteer their time and their own houses to support locals, and anyone in need. They work tirelessly day and night to serve the community. When girls couldn’t afford to buy a dress for their year 10 or 12 graduations they rallied with the community to have donations of beautiful dresses for these girls so that they had the opportunity to go to these events. They receive food and donations from community groups and business and keep open the food pantry to service all those in need. The collect and distribute clothing free of charge." – Lara (Nominator)

Miranda Phillips | Roundabout Canberra

Rounabout Canberra: Miranda Phillips

"Miranda Phillips lives in the Gungahlin area, and deserves to be recognised for her tireless efforts as a volunteer and now employee of Roundabout Canberra. Between 2018 and 2021 Miranda was a key member of the Roundabout Canberra volunteer team, managing volunteer sessions, donations of toys, and even managing the administration relating to orders and social services while accompanying her husband on a posting in Manila – all as a volunteer. In 2022 she took on her first paid role for Roundabout as Social Services Manager, but she continues to go above and beyond in this role, providing critical support to social services and ensuring that all local children in need have access to safe, high quality items quickly and easily. She is truly a star! In 2021 Roundabout Canberra helped 2039 children in Canberra and surrounding regions with essential pre-loved items including cots, prams, car seats, clothing, linen and toys. This included approximately 250 children living in the Gunghalin area, and over 450 in Belconnen." – Hannah (Nominator)