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Spotlight on your local retailer

Spotlight on your local retailer

on 01 March 2016 in General News

Change is in the air at Fernwood Gungahlin with new owner Jessie Anderson taking over as franchisee on February 14. Jessie’s Fernwood journey started when she became a member of Fernwood Belconnen when she was just 17. You could say Jessie has worked from the ‘ground up’ in the fitness business, having worked as a receptionist initially before acquiring training in personal training and gym management with Fernwood in Melbourne.

Jessie moved back to Canberra with her partner, and two children in 2014 and after training in accounting/law decided to make a career change into the fitness industry.

Jessie says the things she loves the most about Fernwood Gungahlin are the wonderful space that members have to enjoy as well as the friendly, hard-working 1500+ members who help make the gym such a fun place to be. Now Jessie will also be working hard to build the service culture and make sure all members know they can ask for support and advice anytime. With several long-serving team members by her side, Jessie knows her teams are one of the strengths that make the Fernwood Gungahlin experience different to other gyms.

“As a team member, I could see there was an opportunity to work harder to empower women and support them more to help them achieve their personal fitness and health goals”. So Jessie and her team have been collecting feedback from members over the last month in order to improve the gym experience. One of the big changes will be to Functional Fit classes whereby instructors will be receiving specialist training in order to cater for members with specific needs.

“There’s a big focus on keeping in touch with members, checking in to see how they are feeling and monitoring their progress on a regular basis” Jessie said. “We want everyone to know that we’re changing and building an inclusive culture where everyone will be looked after”.

A new group fitness timetable will be launched on March 1st.

For more information visit or pop in and ask for Jessie.