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on 06 July 2017 in General News

6 Things to Consider When Designing a Custom Engagement Ring
First of all, congratulations. You’ve either just been proposed to, or you’ve found the one you want to spend your life with and are about to pop the question. Whichever it is, we’re so happy for you!
An engagement is a special thing, and it deserves a special ring such as those at Diamond Designs. Better yet, an engagement deserves a custom ring – a piece that’s just as unique as your personal love story.
Custom rings exist because every woman is different. Everyone has a favourite gem, cut and setting, and individual designs hold a special place in the heart. A customised ring is perfectly personalised and an investment in your “happily ever after”. It symbolises your story and offers a significance that only you two know. A custom ring reflects your own personality and will be around for years to come. Why settle for anything less?
At Diamond Designs, you can try on an endless array of rings to find exactly what’s right for you. You’ll be given your choice of metal, your choice of stone, and your choice of cut, colour, clarity and carat weight. Most importantly, you’ll be given a ring that suits your budget.
Here’s what you should consider before talking to the team:

Personality and personal style is a crucial element to consider, as the ring you purchase must reflect who she is as a person. If she’s:
Adventurous and fun-loving
Your choice of ring should reflect her playful side. Look for interesting and eclectic styles or consider adding an element of colour. Pink diamonds or extravagant gems can help create a spirited design, but keep in mind that it’s an exciting style and shape that will win over her heart.

Classically elegant
For those with a more traditional style, your choice of ring should be a classic solitaire setting or similar, with a centred diamond free of distraction. Traditional solitaires feature a plain metal band, but for something a little different you might consider a trellis setting or a basket setting.

Glamorous and confident
A bold personality calls for a ring that should dazzle and amaze. Consider a halo engagement setting, which adds a circle of diamonds around the centre diamond. This will not only add sparkle, it will make the centre diamond appear larger.

Alternative and natural
For someone more down to earth, your choice of ring should reflect her love of organic elements. Designs with leaves, vines, and flowers may suit her well, or you may like to incorporate a gemstone with significant meaning. Agate represents truth, protection and strength, while rose quartz symbolises gentle love, peace, and calmness.

Simple and modest
If you’re looking to skip the idea of a gemstone altogether then opt for an elegant knot design. A “true lover's knot” was a popular ring style for sailors separated from their wives, and it symbolised infinite love. For a twist, you could design your ring with two different colours of gold.

Romantic and timeless
For an everlasting design, you should consider basing your design on one-of-a-kind rings of the past. Look for vintage settings, art deco-inspired, or bespoke filigree settings for inspiration, and melt her heart with exquisite detail.

Modern and contemporary
To capture an urban girl’s edgy identity, you should think outside the box and experiment with non-traditional designs. Consider a wide band with lots of detail, clean lines, two-toned designs, and alternate metals.
If your soon to be fiance works with her hands or is engaged in sports and other activities known to be hard on jewellery, you’ll need to look for a design that won’t get in the way. Her ring should be made of durable material and be free of sharp edges. Hard gems and diamonds set within the band will be your best choice.
Engagement rings don’t come cheap and while they are one of the best investments you’ll ever make, it’s crucial you are happy with your chosen budget. Many jewellers recommend a minimum spend that’s equivalent to a three-month salary, but if you don’t feel comfortable with that, the experts at Diamond Designs will work with you to create something that’s both beautiful and affordable.

Because a custom ring takes time to design and then create, you could be waiting a while before you can pop the question and then share your news with the world. Diamond Designs works hard to match your time frame, but it still pays to be patient and plan ahead when creating custom jewellery.

When factoring in costs, remember to think about insurance. Your ring should be protected from the moment you leave Marketplace Gungahlin, so get some quotes based on your budget before you start the design process.
Your own tastes:
While your fiancé-to-be will be the one wearing the ring, your chosen ring should still consider your own personality. If you’re quiet and reserved yet you go and buy a big flashy eight carat brilliant cut ring, she’ll struggle to make the connection. If you’re normally extravagant, generous, and content being the centre of attention, a plain and simple ring will make her feel you don’t care enough.  
Once you’ve considered all of the above and you have a rough vision in mind, give Diamond Designs a call on (02) 6251 8455 and schedule in a time to talk.