Virtual Santa is saving your festive photos
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Virtual Santa is saving your festive photos

Virtual Santa is saving your festive photos

on 14 December 2017 in General News

Debbie's boys enjoying virtual Santa at Marketplace Gungahlin

Kids from all over Canberra have been visiting a Virtual Santa this Christmas, as an initiative by Marketplace Gungahlin to offer an alternative to their traditional Santa for those who might not yet be “ready” for jolly men in big red suits.

“I found the virtual Santa a fantastic option for my daughter as she is not a fan of Santa this year!” says Jennah.

We had a lot of fun at the booth and the girl taking the photos was lovely.”

Jennah's daughter was much happier posing with Virtual Santa at Marketplace Gungahlin

From now until Christmas, kids and kids at heart can be transported to the North Pole to interact with virtual Santa and his mischievous elf. The Christmas characters appear next to children when they sit on the Christmas seat, visible via the mounted TV screen in front of them.

Parents will also be able to use an iPad to capture and share a photo of their little ones with virtual Santa.

"We loved the option of virtual Santa, as our youngest is scared of everyone," said Debbie, who brought her two sons to Marketplace to get their Christmas photos.

This gave us the option of still getting a Christmas photo, and our boys loved it."

This unique Santa Photo Activation is the first virtual video feed with Santa in Australia, and Marketplace Gungahlin are excited to share this experience with their shoppers.

“We wanted to offer local families an interesting alternative to our traditional Santa photos, and we are thrilled to be one of the first centres to introduce a virtual Santa photo experience,” said Paul Morgan, Centre Manager of Marketplace Gungahlin.

“Our virtual Santa and Elf are friendly cartoon characters, meaning that the yearly Santa photos are much less likely to end in tears. As parents, we’ve all experienced the classic ‘screaming child Santa photo’, and we’re glad we can now offer a fun, and innovative alternative.”

Sarah's daughter Eloise was delighted by the Augmented Reality technology

Many families are finding virtual Santa is a great success, particularly with their younger children, showing that perhaps technology can play a part to make magic a reality. 

“My 2-year-old had a great surprise when she was asked to sit in the chair as Santa was coming. To her delight, an elf appeared as well,” said Sarah of Bungendore.

We got the photos sent to us digitally so we can keep it forever”.

Virtual Santa will be at Marketplace Gungahlin from now until Friday December 22.