Our Top 12 Best-tasting Protein Powders for Women
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Our Top 12 Best-tasting Protein Powders for Women

Our Top 12 Best-tasting Protein Powders for Women

on 01 December 2017 in General News

Protein is an essential macronutrient that’s used in almost every part of our bodies. Sedentary women need a certain amount of protein, but if you lead an active lifestyle, you may need as much as double this amount.

With our busy lifestyles, it’s not always easy to make sure we’re getting enough protein, and protein supplements offer a convenient way for busy women to meet their daily recommended protein intake.

Thankfully protein supplements have evolved since the early days of awful-tasting powders, so check out this list of the best-tasting protein powders to find a great protein supplement.

1. Raw Protein by Garden of Life

Garden of Life’s Raw Protein is a great-tasting vegan protein powder featuring 13 organic sprouts and all essential amino acids. Going beyond the traditional whey, pea, soy, or rice protein formulations, this certified organic protein powder combines seeds and grains to deliver a nutritional powerhouse. With a single delicious serving you’ll meet 33% of your daily protein requirements. The powder includes fat-soluble vitamins, along with enzymes and probiotics for smooth digestion.

2. Body Shaping Protein by BSC
This delicious protein powder from BSC is specially designed for women. Featuring soy and whey proteins, as well as essential vitamins and minerals, Body Shaping Protein tastes great and allows you to refuel quickly after a workout. Because it’s packed with nutrients, you’ll feel satiated whether you have it with a meal or use it as a snack replacement.

3. Ultra Leaan by Cyborg Sport
Ultra Leaan is designed to help busy people supplement their protein intake. Formulated with high-quality ingredients, Ultra Leaan has no fat, carbs, lactose, sugar, or dairy, making it gentle on your system and easy to digest and assimilate. Ultra Leaan comes in a variety of tasty flavours including Sweet Passionfruit and Fresh Pineapple.

4. PRO by Core Nutritionals
This sustained release protein blend not only comes in tempting flavours like peanut butter ice-cream and cookies and cream; it delivers a nutritional punch with high-quality cold-processed whey proteins. Formulated with digestive enzymes, PRO tastes great and is easy to digest and absorb.

5. Power Plant Protein by Prana ON

Power Plant Protein is a 100% organic and vegan protein and it’s formulated with added amino acids and digestive enzymes to boost bioavailability. A great post-workout drink or quick snack on the go for busy people, Power Plant Protein gives you a clean, natural, and delicious protein boost.

6. Raw Vegan Organic Protein by Green Tea X50
Raw Vegan Organic Protein from Green Tea X50 is formulated without dairy, gluten, and animal products. A delicious, clean, all-natural protein blend with rice and pea proteins, Raw Vegan Organic Protein comes with green tea extract, green coffee extract, and L-Carnitine to boost fat-burning for your workout.

7. Maxine’s Burn Thermogenic Protein
Burn fat, tone your body, and boost your energy levels with this tasty protein product from Maxine’s. Specifically designed for women, this whey-based formulation is low in carbs and fat, and is completely free of soy and gluten. Complete with ingredients such as green coffee extract and L-Carnitine to help you burn fat more effectively, this protein powder is one to check out..

8. Ladies Dream Protein by ASN
Pleasant-tasting and low in fat and carbs, Ladies Dream Protein from ASN uses nano-filtration technology to create a high-quality whey-based powder. Featuring a bio-active peptide formulation to support immune system functions and fat-burning processes, this delicious protein supplement offers more than protein-boosting benefits.

9. Slim Whey for Her by Muscle Sport

Tasty and easy to digest, Slim Whey for Her is designed to promote lean muscle growth and muscle recovery. Featuring whey protein peptides, protein isolate, carnitine, and medium chain triglycerides, this protein supplement could supercharge your metabolism and support healthy weight loss. Slim Whey for Her comes in the delicious flavours of Chocolate Cake and Vanilla Whey.

10. Whey + Greens by MuscleTech
Whey + Greens contains premium whey protein isolate and whey peptides to pack a protein punch. Containing a range of essential nutrients such as greens, vitamins, fibre, healthy fats, and probiotics, this complete nutritional formula boasts a best-in-class taste, so you’ll get your daily nutritional requirements in a delicious shake.

11. 100% Plant Protein by Scitec
100% Plant Protein from Scitec is a pea-protein-based protein supplement that offers a powerful dose of glutamine, lysine, and BCAAs to ensure you get all your protein needs. GMO-free with a 90% protein content, 100% Plant Protein uses premium yellow peas that are processed without hexane or organic solvents. Best of all, 100% Plant Protein tastes great.

12. VERDA by Superfood

VERDA is formulated with three of the top protein ingredients – sprouted brown rice protein isolate, hemp protein, and pea protein isolate – for a perfectly balanced protein supplement that’s easy to digest. Each serving of VERDA also includes land and sea greens, essential fats, and other essential nutrients for a delicious and highly nutritious protein-rich package.

Which protein powder is right for me?
Finding the right protein supplement for you might take a bit of trial and error, so don’t hesitate to try a few products and experiment with your own protein smoothie recipes. Add fruit, your choice of milk, and sweeteners of choice to change up your daily protein smoothie if you like.
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