How to Secretly Buy a Watch for Your Husband
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How to Secretly Buy a Watch for Your Husband

How to Secretly Buy a Watch for Your Husband

on 01 December 2017 in General News

Watches make excellent gifts for men since a timepiece on the wrist is usually one of very few pieces of jewellery a man will wear.

A stylish watch can allow you to express your love and appreciation for your husband, and whether it’s for Christmas, anniversary or a birthday, you’ll probably want to surprise him and keep the purchase secret until gift-giving time. Use these easy tips for a stealth buying process and for a memorable gifting.

The meaning of watches as gifts

Gifts can be highly personal, and what a gift means depends on the context. The best gifts have a functional purpose in addition to a deeper meaning. Watches could be seen to represent time and the preciousness of each moment of our everyday lives. For someone making the gift of a watch to his or her partner, the watch might represent something like the significance of the time they spend together. It can be a poignant reminder of the value of their shared life.

Choosing the right type of watch
Watches come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, and you’ll want to find one that appeals to your husband. Pay attention to the watches he’s had in the past as you shop around and get to know the types of watches available.

A watch’s movement type refers to how it works and keeps time as well as the sweep of its hands on the face. Apart from activity trackers or digital watches, you have mechanical, automatic, and quartz watches.

  • Mechanical – This type of watch uses a mainspring and is wound by hand rather than powered by battery. Mechanical watches are valued by watch fans for craftsmanship, character, and refinement.
  • Automatic – Automatic watches are like mechanical watches except they automatically self-wind as the wearer moves around during the day. No battery is needed, but like mechanical watches, these watches are less accurate and sensitive to the environment. They need to be stored in a watch winder when not worn.
  • Quartz – Quartz watches are the most common type of watch. Accurate and more affordable, these watches are powered by electricity, which vibrates a tiny quartz crystal that in turn moves the pieces in the watch.  Durable and low maintenance, quartz watches can be purchased from reputable jewellers at Marketplace Gungahlin such as Zamel’s and Prouds the Jewelllers.


In addition to watch movement, you’ll want to consider the style of the watch and make sure it aligns with your husband’s lifestyle and interests. For example, dress watches tend to be simple and minimalist in design, while field watches are functional and small. If your husband enjoys diving, swimming, or other water sports, a dive watch would be a great idea. Pilot watches have large faces that are easy to see, while racing watches typically feature a stainless steel casing.

How to keep your gift a secret
Sharing bank accounts and credit cards makes it harder to keep your gift-buying a secret from your husband, but it’s possible.

  • Watch your digital trail – Once you search for products online, tracking cookies and advertising sites tend to follow you around and display relevant ads. If you share a computer or device, avoid using the shared device to research your purchase, or switch to incognito mode in your browser. Alternatively, do your watch research on your phone. Always clear your cookies and browsing history when you exit.
  • Create a separate account – If you’re buying online, be sure to open a separate account to avoid your husband receiving email notifications and offers. Using a separate email account is also essential if you share an email account.
  • Use cash or prepaid credit card – Use cash, prepaid credit cards, gift cards, PayPal, or other discreet ways to pay for the watch.
  • Plan ahead – If you’re buying in person, plan ahead so you can visit the shops and browse at leisure without being discovered or raising suspicions.
  • Plan for delivery – If you’re buying online, have the watch sent to your work address or to a trusted friend’s address so your husband doesn’t see it. Keep the item securely locked away at work or have your friend keep it until you’re giving it to your husband. 

How to gift the watch
So you’ve successfully kept your purchase secret, and now comes the fun part: giving the watch. You can add extra meaning and fun to the gift by giving it in a special way.

  • Mystery trail – Set up a mystery trail of notes with clues around your house and garden. The clues should ultimately lead to the gift, which you can hide in a special place.
  • Accidental discovery – Make the receiving stage an accidental discovery. For example, you can place it in front of his dental floss in the bathroom cabinet so he discovers it before bed at night, or hide it under the shirt he’s wearing to work tomorrow.
  • Disguise your gift – Present your husband’s gift in an innocuous package he’s supposed to open, for a surprise discovery. For example, you could give him the watch by stuffing it in the pocket of a new jumper that’s also a gift, or hide it in a pair of new socks.

Surprise your partner

So a little bit of careful planning is all you need to keep your gift of a watch secret from your husband. By doing your research privately and choosing the right watch for your husband’s lifestyle, you can surprise your partner when you’re ready to give your gift.

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