Fashion Shopping in Canberra: The Latest Trends, Where to Go and How to Save
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Fashion Shopping in Canberra: The Latest Trends, Where to Go and How to Save

Fashion Shopping in Canberra: The Latest Trends, Where to Go and How to Save

on 22 July 2019 in Shopping
Canberra is an exciting place. Over the last few years it’s really earned its stripes for being design forward and in 2017 it was named in Lonely Planet’s Top 3 cities to visit. If you’re the kind of traveller who saves extra space for holiday purchases, you’re coming to the right place.
Canberra offers a unique shopping experience and is bursting in boutique, local creations, and famous fashion labels. Great shopping is matched with great cafes too, meaning you can quickly get a caffeine fix and keep your shopping trip going.
If it’s clothes shopping you’re after, however, there’s no better place to shop fashion in Canberra than Marketplace Gungahlin. Get the credit card ready!

Shopping fashion in Canberra

When marie claire held its Fashion and Beauty Night  back in February, fashion director Jana Pokorny offered the inside scoop on what trends best suit the Canberra lifestyle. The team held two workshops in which they showed Canberrans how to nail minimalism and simplicity, how tailoring and trench coats are must-own wardrobe classics, and ways to inject fashion flare and personality into your office outfits. Describing what to look for in Canberra shops they suggested three main trends:

Trend #1 – Minimalism and Simplicity

Integrating minimalism and simplicity into your wardrobe is all about nude neutrals and ivory in austere silhouettes perfectly matched with utilitarian details. Cue the minimalistic Instagram account @simplicitycity. The new simplicity movement is about dressing to avoid standing out, however chic details that make the look special or effortless are a must. Why not pair your simple look with a chic pair of sunnies?
Where to shop
Millers: Millers’ prides itself on great value fashion and everyday wardrobe essentials. The extensive range covers all your wardrobe needs, from dresses and denim jeans to knitwear, pants, skirts, shorts, tops, jackets, shoes and swimwear.
Sunglasses Hut: Sunglasses Hut offers the top brands, latest trends and exclusive styles of high quality fashion and performance sunglasses. A global brand, its ever-changing marketplace lets you mix up your look simply by changing your eye protective wear.

Trend #2 – The Bohemian

Whether or not your style is bohemian, this trend is about injecting pops of colour into your everyday wardrobe. Think colour and craftsmanship befitting a modern gypsy and loose, flowing clothing made of natural fabrics, playful patterns and layering. Must-have items include maxi skirts and dresses, neutral coloured ankle boots, chic head wraps and hair bands and chunky, earthy jewellery.
Where to shop
Rockmans/Be Me: Sourcing the globe for the latest trends, Rockmans/Be Me is not afraid to inject some colour in your life. Offering on-trend quality and great fit on their garments, Rockmans/Be Me is renowned for affordable fashion that’s ideal for layering. The collection includes tops, tunics, pants, jeans, skirts, shorts, knitwear, jackets, swimwear, suits, dresses and accessories such as jewellery, scarves, bags, sunglasses and shoes.
FSW Shoes: Selling women's, men's and children’s footwear, FSW Shoes offer the latest looks and styles for less. FSW is proud to offer one of Australia's largest collections of women's dress shoes, wedges, heels and sandals, and of course those all important neutral coloured ankle boots.
Zamel’s: Zamel’s is owned by an international diamond company which means they have access to an incredible range of diamonds. Shop chunky style gold or silver, gemstones or timepieces at a variety of price points.

Trend #3 – Tailoring

Tailored pieces are a must-own classic. Think gender-fluid styles great for comfort and cooling factor. Tailoring has come a long way since the oversized and overly shoulder-padded power suits of the 80s and now office workers everywhere are all about double-breasted blazers and structured miniskirts that channel unique aesthetic. Suiting has become the ultimate plaything for fashion designers, with vivid jacquards and razor-sharp cuts among the favoured trends.
Where to shop
Kim Tailor Alterations: With over 20 years of experience, Kim Tailor Alterations offers the perfect fit for all shapes and sizes. Materials of all kinds can be styled, repaired or altered to your individual needs and expectations: maternity, petite, large sizes, taller, older or shorter.

Ways to save on your shopping spree

With so many shops to choose from in Canberra it’s important for a shopaholic to make a plan. Set a budget before you go and:

Leave it or love it

If you’re going to spend money on clothes, make sure you spend it on pieces you’ll actually wear and ones that will make you feel great. If you try something on and it doesn’t ‘wow’ you, don’t take it home. Only splurge on the items you truly love.

Hunt for bargains

Marketplace Gungahlin is full of great deals. Hit the clearance racks of your favourite stores first and make the new arrivals section your last stop. Shopping for sale items lets you put even more in your basket!

Choose practical pieces

If you’re visiting Canberra on holiday it’s easy to get caught up in Canberra fashion. But will you wear it when you’re home? Shop for pieces that best suit your lifestyle and items you know you can wear again and again.

Shop out of season

Think ahead of time and you can get yourself some great deals. Buy swimsuits in the winter and jackets in the spring. Buying out of season can save you tons and when the season rolls around you’ll have more money to spend on another visit to Canberra.

Celebrate your bargains

If you’re finding it hard to stay away from the new arrivals, celebrate your bargains with dinner out. When you realise you can treat yourself in more ways than one by shopping smartly, you’ll never look at the new arrivals rack again. Marketplace Gungahlin is not only a place to grab some great bargains it has tons of dining options too, so make The Marketplace Gungahlin your first point of call when planning your next shopping spree.