The 10 Best Personalised and Monogrammed Gifts
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The 10 Best Personalised and Monogrammed Gifts

The 10 Best Personalised and Monogrammed Gifts

on 03 April 2018 in Shopping

If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for someone, the best solution is to personalise it! Monogramming something can transform even the most mundane everyday item into something that is unique, special and practical.

In fact, personalisation has changed the game of gift-giving. It means that even if someone has everything they could need or want, you can give them something they already have and make sure that it really means something. Getting a gift monogrammed in a new obsession in Australia. And for someone that seemingly has everything, it is a way to instantly free yourself to choose whatever will mean something to the person, rather than try and figure out whether you’re “doubling up” before even making that purchase.

Some great ideas for monogramming gifts include:


If you know someone who likes reading, we can assure you that they’re going to appreciate a bookmark. It’s the kind of thing someone rarely thinks to buy for themselves, but it helps them to enjoy their hobby all the more, and giving someone a gift related to their hobby immediately gives it an emotional resonance. Bookmarks can be leather, plastics, or steel, and they provide plenty of real estate to really get an interesting and unique engraving on to them.


It goes without saying that jewellery makes an excellent gift, but you can take it to the next level by also engraving it with the recipient’s initials or some other elegant personalisation. Be it a ring or necklace, or cufflinks, there’s often enough of a space somewhere on the piece to engrave it as well.

Coordinates bangle

Related to jewellery above, but here’s something that can be truly special and unique to yourself and someone special. Get the coordinates of a place important to them, of you both, and have that engraved onto a bangle. It will appear as gibberish to other people, but remains something very special to the person wearing the bracelet.  

Photo frames

Photo frames are precious gifts as they give people the opportunity to hold precious memories within them. While the frame isn’t going to be the memory itself, you can still make something special out of it by personalising it – choose a wood frame and have it engraved with a name and message of your choice.


Everyone loves coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or some other kind of hot drink. Whether it’s the pick-me-up in the morning or the way to stave off the cold of winter, a mug is one of the most used possessions that a person has. If you want to go the extra mile to really make something, have a mug printed with someone’s name or a message as a very unique and highly personalised design for someone.


Wine glasses, spirits glasses, or beer steins also all make excellent gifts for a person that likes their alcohol. Engraving glasses with a monogram is a highly stylised and effective way to personalise the glass and make it the glass that the special someone uses.

A suitcase

If you know someone likes to travel a lot, then a monogrammed suitcase is the perfect way to help fuel their wanderlust. It is also a practical gift as it can help them make sure their suitcase isn’t accidentally taken by someone else, as so many of these suitcases look the same as one another these days.

Phone case

As the popular saying goes; people are now more concerned about losing their phone case than they are their wallet. By getting a phone case customised and monogrammed, you can be sure that the person you give it to will be using your gift on a daily basis, and it’s hard to top that.


A good fountain pen is a delight to write with, and, more importantly perhaps, gives people working in office environments or in other professional fields a token symbol of the work they do. Offices might be more digitised than ever, but that pen represents a pride in their work and profession. Giving them an engraved fountain pen shows an understanding of the work and career that the person has, and that makes it a highly personalised, precious gift.


With all the choice and brands in handbags out there, it’s easy to overlook the best way to pick the perfect back; simply get it monogrammed. A monogrammed handbag tells a story above and beyond the brand and design of the handbag itself, and makes for a truly unique gift in a highly competitive corner of the fashion world.These are just the start of the ideas that you could have when it comes to monogramming and engraving!

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