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We pride ourselves on helping our customers however we can. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with any feedback, concerns or questions.


Here are some of the more commonly requested services we're proud to offer at Marketplace Gungahlin.
ANZ BigW mall
People’s Choice Credit Union BigW mall
National Australia Bank BigW mall
St George BigW mall
Commonwealth Bank Woolworths mall
IMB Banking Woolworths mall
Westpac Woolworths mall
Service One Alliance Bank Woolworths mall
rediATM Woolworths mall
Parents Room
Marketplace Gungahlin offers a five-star Breast Feeding Australia accredited parents’ room in the Woolworth Mall between Woolworths Supermarket and Priceline Chemist.  This is equipped with private feeding rooms, microware and changing stations.

In the BIG W Mall behind the kid’s play area, Marketplace Gungahlin also offers a well-resourced parents’ room.  This contains private feeding rooms, changing station and children’s toilet.
Lost Property
Lost Property can be claimed at Marketplace Gungahlin Centre Management, Woolworths mall on Level 1. Please call (02) 6123 4900 if you have misplaced an item while in the centre. If you come across a lost item please deliver it to Marketplace Gungahlin Centre Management.
Disabled Access
Marketplace Gungahlin has allocated disabled parking, wheelchair access to ramps, lifts and disabled toilets.

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