Something for Every Mum on Mother’s Day at Marketplace Gungahlin
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Something for Every Mum on Mother’s Day at Marketplace Gungahlin

Something for Every Mum on Mother’s Day at Marketplace Gungahlin

on 06 May 2019 in Shopping
Remember the Mother’s Day stall at school? You’d come home with your embroidered hanky and two random soaps. Mum would be thrilled – even though she’d probably donated the goods then paid for them again. But that’s what’s great about Mums, they love you unconditionally.
As a mum myself, I feel I speak for all of us when I say that while we love every little handmade mug and pasta necklace, it’s super nice to get a little something that we wouldn’t buy or do for ourselves. Amirite, ladies? But don’t panic. I made a special trip to the Marketplace this week to suss out all the Mother’s Day goodies and find something fabulous for every Mum.

Sparkle Sparkle 

Does your mama love a bit of bling bling? You’ll be spoilt for choice as there are two jewellers within the Marketplace and they both have amazing deals this week. Pop into Zamels where you’ll find something sweet for Mum – whether she’s a gold or silver kinda gal. (Or diamond!) And if you spend over $200 you can nab a cute, leather banded watch for FREE. Correct, for free.


Or, if Mum likes the classics, Prouds has a gorgeous selection of pearls. They’re timeless and they go with everything. If she’s a Mum of girls then the beautiful ‘Mum-Daughter-Forever’ pendant makes for a perfect gift. Plus, with every purchase you can choose an additional item from their discounted window – bonus!


Blooming Brilliant 

A fresh bouquet of flowers never ruined a Mother’s Day, if you know what I mean. Sure, it’s a safe option but with the variety available at Poetry in Flowers you can surprise Mum with a splash of vibrant colour. Choose from a rainbow of arrangements outside or have something specially made.


A cute posey in a mason jar, some gourmet chocolate from locals Jasper + Myrtle and a dainty jar of tea from Tea Garden Co will cover all the bases. They also have a beautiful range of cards and gifts like artisan coffee cups and adorable packs filled with seeds mum can plant in her garden.


Little Bit of Luxe

Does your Mum love to be pampered? It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but it sure is mine so I had a think about what I might like (hint, hint, husband). I found the perfect combo of relaxation and – what all mums crave – alone time: a nail salon voucher. Sitting in peace for an hour while someone rubs my feet and gives me a cute polish, now there’s a wonderful afternoon right there! OzNails offer gift vouchers making the job of spoiling Mum extra easy.

Maybe Mum prefers time to herself at home so what she needs is a few things to set the mood. How about popping into Rockmans for a cute scented candle or a sweet drink bottle and, when you spend over $99 you’ll score a FREE robe. Ideal to curl up for a snuggle with the kiddos on the couch… or watch Game of Thrones with a bucket of ice cream.


What Mum Loves

It’s easy to lump all Mums in the one basket but – newsflash – not all of us want conventional gifts. No worries. Whether Mum likes board games, Super Mario or Harry Potter, EB Games has her covered. Perhaps she’s into Chris Hemsworth… I mean, The Avengers, well they have all of that memorabilia too. Even a massive Infinity Stone Glove Thingy…



Maybe Mum has been hanging out for some down time to read a book or she wants something a bit unique? Pay a visit to BookFace. Down the back of the store there are some really cute finds like Australian-made, boutique bath salts or a brightly patterned reusable shopping bag to pop in her handbag. They also stock some divine leather goods from Sticks and Stones in a range of neutral tones that are sure to go with everything.



Some years we need to keep the budget in mind on Mother’s Day. And it’s fine because there’s a lot you can do that won’t break the bank. Breakfast in bed should be compulsory on Mother’s Day and it’s an affordable way to make mum feel super special.
Don’t worry if cooking isn’t your thing, head over to Baker’s Delight and buy a few croissants that can be warmed up in the oven until they’re hot and crisp. Serve with a little jam, Nutella or – if you’re feeling fancy – a bit of smoked salmon or ham and cheese. Maybe a fancy fruit salad? Get the kids to make a card and team it with some surprise touches like a magazine or a new mug. Who wouldn’t love that?


And no matter what you end up buying or making, the great thing about Mums is that they’ll love it because it came from their special babies… whether you’re three or fifty three. So take a little time to thank Mum for all she’s done for your family. Thank her on Mother’s Day and every other day after that… maybe even keep up the breakfast in bed tradition? Jus’ sayin’.
Happy Mother’s Day!