9 Accessories Every Canberrian Should Buy This Winter
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9 Accessories Every Canberrian Should Buy This Winter

9 Accessories Every Canberrian Should Buy This Winter

on 05 June 2019 in Shopping
Winter in Canberra is cold. There’s no denying it. Average temperatures are between 1 and 12°C (33.8 – 53.6°F), dropping below 0°C at night. Mornings and evenings are chilly at best and snow is never far away (Australia’s best ski resorts are just a short drive away). Ensure you’re ready for the cooler months and get yourself some winter staples. Here our our tips on what to add to your wardrobe and where to find them…

Winter coat

With a little diligence you can find a winter coat that’s both practical and stylish. It should of course keep you warm and if it has waterproof and windproof elements, this is a big plus in Canberra. The city’s not known as the “Windy City” for nothing!
For women, ‘thy coat shalt be supersized’ according to Harper’s Bazaar. The sleek duster or dainty trench has said its goodbyes and this winter’s coat is anything but subtle. Go big and go bold and for the really brave, go leopard print. For men, a checked overcoat will turn a simple, classic piece of outerwear into a hero piece.


In winter, your body prioritises keeping your vital organs warm. This means a reduction of blood flow to the hands and feet, which is why your tootsies can get so chilly. Keep your feet warm and dry this winter with a good quality pair of boots from FSW Shoes.
For women, boot trends this year are inherently effortless. The most dominate trend is an under-the-knee slouchy style that accommodates both skirts and pants. For men, brogue boots offer the outdoor influence without going full Bear Grylls.


When you wear a hat in winter it’s possible to keep your whole body warm, restricting your body heat from leaving. That’s why it’s important you have a plan for covering the top of your head in winter.
For women, winter hat trends are all about the sophisticated bucket hat that slightly blurs the lines with a cloche hat. Choose mature colours in a solid form. For men, a slouchy cashmere hat from Lowes will always look great and will serve the purpose of keeping you warm.


Scarves are an accessory that are so much more than just a functional item of clothing. Yes they keep your neck and sometimes your nose nice and toasty, but they also have the ability to bring some life to an otherwise dull outfit.
For women, Tartan and check scarves were a hit in Paris this winter, either in neutrals or colour. Most common, however, were scarves with red or autumn tones of rust and ochre. For men, burgundy fringed wool scarfs paired with tan shades is bang on trend.


Gloves keep your hands nice and warm during winter and protect your delicate skin from the harsh elements. They might prove inconvenient at times (ever tried sending a text in gloves?) but they really are a must for cosiness.
For women, a pair of leather gloves chic and stylish but if a quality pair isn’t in your budget the next best thing is fur-trimmed in a pastel colour. Men can’t go wrong with a smart pair of cashmere-lined leather gloves and a more casual pair of fleece knit winter gloves for the weekend.


Wearing sunglasses in winter as just as important as wearing sunglasses in the summer. The sun sits at a different angle and is lower in the sky over the winter months, resulting in more harmful UV exposure. Wearing sunglasses can protect your eyes from UV rays, reduce glare brought on by rain and frost, and create a wind barrier to keep your eyes’ natural moisture from evaporating.
For women, Terminator-style visor glasses keep your eyes well protected and they also meet this year’s 80’s-loving trend. For men, squared-off, cigar-brown, Havana-style aviators pair nicely with a smart winter coat. You can grab your winter shades at Sunglasses Hut.

Sleep socks

Cold feet can be the reason for sleepless nights in winter as when your feet are cold they constrict the blood vessels and cause less blood to circulate. Also, warming your feet with sleep socks helps to give your brain a clear signal that it’s bedtime.
When choosing socks for sleeping, look for fibers such as merino wool or cashmere. They cost more than cotton or artificial fiber socks but are well worth the extra money. For safety, make sure the socks aren’t too tight-fitting.

Slipper socks or UGGs

 A pair of wool or cashmere socks will keep your toes warm while in bed but once you get out of bed you want something a little more sturdy, slip-resistant and practical. UGGs have a unique Australian history and are the epitome of slippers. A true fashion statement, you can even wear your UGGs out of the house and to Marketplace Gunghalin. If the real deal doesn’t match your budget (UGGs can get costly), Kmart has you covered. 

Oversized sweater

 Nothing beats the feeling of coming inside from the cold and throwing on a big oversized sweater. Except maybe the feeling of wearing your oversized sweater out and about and getting away with it!
Oversized sweaters are right on trend and are no longer reserved for the sofa with a glass of red. For women, a slouchy knit with a wide neck offers a laid back and sexy look when revealing a bare shoulder and a chunky knit over your favourite maxi dress with a pair of boots can look great. For men, pairing an oversized sweater with slimmer jeans is the go, balancing out the look.
Ready to start shopping your winter wardrobe? Browse our stores and get everything you need from Marketplace Gungahlin. With stores like Suzanne Grae, Millers, Lowes, Ozmosis, FSW Shoes, Rockmans and Sunglasses Hut, Marketplace Gungahlin is your one stop shop for everything winter.