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30 & 33 Hibberson St, Gunaghlin, ACT 2912

The new tea on the block!

Chatime is Australia’s newest and most innovative bubble tea outlet. Our delicious selection of iced teas are shaking up the game like never before.

Chatime was founded in 2003 with the goal of introducing the world to the flavour and fun of modern Taiwanese tea.

In 2005, Henry founded the very first Chatime in Taiwan. With a commitment to quality ingredients and mix-ins and a flare for innovative flavour combinations, he set out to brew nothing but the very best iced teas.

It has since grown to over 1000 stores worldwide (over 60 stores in Australia since 2009) and our team serve more than 400,000 customers per day. We lead the way in providing authentic Taiwanese fresh tea.

What Cha talking about?
The word ‘cha’ means ‘tea’. So technically ‘chatime’ could be loosely translated into ‘teatime’. But today, with over 1000 locations around the globe, Chatime means so much more than that.

Time for tea (knowledge)?
Tea has been around for hundreds of years and much-loved by many different cultures, but we all like to do something a little bit different with it.

The Brits like it in the afternoon to wash down a scone. The Chinese prefer a ceremony before each sip. The Indians like it spiced, the Turkish like it sweet, and the Tibetans like it brewed with salt and butter!
Henry Wang Yao-Hui, from Taiwan, liked it brewed with the freshest ingredients, packed full of flavour, and served over ice.

Just like the tea culture that inspired it, Chatime brings people together all around the globe.