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Ground Level, near Grease Monkey

The El Jannah Story

You’re invited to our table, you’re welcome to share the El Jannah story. Our Lebanese – Australian food is simple, pure deliciousness. Fresh flavours drawn from childhood memories of a paradise that existed in Lebanon.

A place where every dish was cooked over an open wood fire and always enjoyed with family. At the heart of the El Jannah story is a self – made man, his family and food that’s made to be shared. Not all charcoal chicken is made equal. Ours is legendary

From humble beginnings

The first El Jannah store opened in Granville in 1998. There are a growing number of El Jannah stores serving up our legendary charcoal chicken, famous garlic sauce and the rest. 

Recipes for success

The El Jannah family knows the best food is never complicated. It’s simple and unpretentious, made the right way with nothing but real ingredients, fresh from the land. That’s the taste of paradise the El Jannah team shares every day. Simply good food, perfected.

Website: eljannah.com.au