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Terms and Conditions

Fly Thru Disclaimer – Stage 4

The particulars contained in this presentation relating to the proposed development of the Gungahlin Marketplace Shopping Centre (“Development”) are provided by Ginninderra Properties Pty Ltd ACN 106 919 313 and Goongarline Properties Pty Ltd ACN 098 262 938 as well as its related body corporates (“Vinta Group”) in good faith and are believed to be correct at the time of printing and presenting.

The trading patterns, demographic information, statistics, financial information, projections, plans, images and other information and material contained in this presentation (“Information”) have been based on historical data and are compiled in good faith by the management of Vinta Group and its consultants.

Vinta Group gives no warranty or guarantee as to the accuracy of any of the Information or the continuation of any trading patterns or demographic trends in the future. Any intending lessees or other interested parties should not rely on any of the Information contained in this presentation as statements or representations of fact and must satisfy themselves as to the correctness of each and every particular aspect of the Information relating to the Development.

All computer-generated images contained in the Information are illustrative only and do not constitute an offer, warranty or representation as to the design, style, layout, size, location or number of intended shops, common mall areas,  retail mix, merchandise shown, customer visitation or the appearance of the Development. Vinta Group reserves the right in its sole discretion to vary any aspect of the plans and illustrations shown in this presentation or the Development at any time including deciding not to proceed with the Development at all.

Vinta Group is not liable or responsible for any losses, damages or claims of whatever nature suffered or incurred by any party howsoever arising from any Information contained or provided by Vinta Group in this presentation.