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Christmas shopping tips

on 15 December 2015
Christmas shopping can be expensive, stressful and chaotic! Take the headache out of Christmas shopping with these simple tips:

Plan in advance:
  • Decide who you’re shopping for. Some people only shop for family and close friends. Others shop for colleagues as well. Decide what you are comfortable with and then you can work out a budget for each person.
  • Some families choose to only buy presents for children – this helps cut down the amount of shopping required.
  • Run a Kris Kringle: put everyone’s name in a hat and each person draws out a name and only has to buy a gift for that person. So everyone just buys one good quality present rather than lots of smaller ones. Good for the budget and a real time-saver!
  • Set a budget and shopping list and stick to it.
  • Before you hit the shops, make sure you have a rough plan of what you’re looking for and/or who you’re shopping for. This will help reduce any wasted time or ill-advised purchases. 

An alternative to traditional gifts:
  • Give the gift of time: why not offer up your baby-sitting skills, take someone on a picnic, or cook a nice dinner as a gift? This is a personalised gift that won’t cost too much, and only asks a little of your time.  
  • Create: are you a gifted knitter, sewer or baker? Put your creative talents to use with homemade gifts

Don't shop till you drop:
  • Be prepared for crowds – start early in the day if you can, and allow for extra time as it may take longer than usual to find a parking spot, be served in store, and leave the car park.
  • Take advantage of late night shopping – another good time to shop is after dinner, as the shops are often a little quieter. The Marketplace Gungahlin is open longer hours in the lead up to Christmas, for you convenience. Check out Christmas trading hours.
  • Save your receipts – just in case! This will make it easy to return any unwanted or unsuitable gifts.

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