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Laneway Development

Guess what's coming to Marketplace? It will be delicious and maybe a little greasy! 

Remember the entry point from Gungahlin Place (near the bus interchange) into Marketplace? Well, this spot has been eyed up as the perfect location to expand our foodie offering! As a result for the last couple of months, we have been undergoing renos and demos, getting ready to launch our brand-new dining hub... The Laneway!

The Laneway is set to house an iconic Canberra and very-much-beloved local restaurant brand with a massive cult following - with the end-plan to bring a taste of the inner city out to North Canberra (Gungahlin foodies rejoice)!

So, get ready to feast your eyes (and shortly, your bellies) to a whole new dining experience nestled within the laneway setting, complete with bright and edgy graffiti art commissioned by local artist Geoff Filmer from Graffik Paint. 

We bet you are eager to find out who's made the cut and discover who will be serving up delicious food from The Laneway? *Sigh*...we can't tell you (yet)... but we can give you this clue...

It will be delicious and maybe a little greasy!

Stay tuned to find out more.

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Laneway Development